The raw beauty of nature in Colorado speaks differently to each of us. Some frolic on the slopes, climbing like goats with the same exhilaration as a hawk soaring on the Western winds. Others find solidarity with the muted colors of woodland creatures and the quiet meditation of a babbling brook. Our vision for The Canyons has always been a harmonious existence with the natural landscape. We take inspiration from the handsome Gambel oak, which grows wide and tall connected by a regenerative underground root system. In the same way, living in Castle Pines means you're not just near nature but actually a part of it. Read on to learn more about the natural connections you can make as a resident of The Canyons™ in Castle Pines.

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From the time you open your eyes in waking until you close them in sleep, your home at The Canyons presents views of Colorado's natural majesty. You'll revel in the environmental connection, from glimpses of the mountain vistas to the intentional fostering of indigenous plants. Our ethic is preservation, focusing not only on maintaining the native landscape but also on restoring it. Almost a third of the entire community acreage has been marked for 15 miles of planned paved and dirt trails and four parks built along the land's natural contours.

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Further afield in Castle Pines, you can visit Elk Ridge Park, a well-maintained green space that offers kids a splash pad, playground, fountain, maze, and climbing wall. The Rueter-Hess Reservoir near the Frank Jaeger Dam provides a peaceful setting for kayaking and fishing, with a few camping spots right by the water. Ziplines are available near the popular Phillip S. Miller Park for the more adventurous — or check out over 100 elements and obstacles at the area's largest aerial adventure park. And, of course, Castle Pines is a relatively short drive from the dazzling heights of the Rocky Mountains themselves.

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Our favorite melding of nature and human ingenuity is Castlewood Canyons State Park. Originally meant to be a historical preserve for the Castlewood Canyon Dam (which burst in 1933) and the Lucas homestead, the park now protects approximately 2,300 acres of the ecologically unique Black Forest Region. From caves to waterfalls, this dog-friendly outdoor playground is perfect for hiking, climbing, bouldering, picnicking, and studying several rare and endangered plant species.

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If the sweet scent of prairie grasses and the sound of starlight singing over the hills appeals to your sense of your perfect home, then The Canyons™ life is for you. Visit us today to learn more and find your dream home in tune with nature.

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