During the holiday season, there’s nothing better than spending time with loved ones, telling stories, eating a delicious meal, and of course, exchanging gifts! Finding the best presents is only half the battle, because you still have to wrap them up, and that can come with its own set of crafty challenges. We’ve compiled some nifty tips and tricks that are sure to help you get the job done with flair. So, make some hot cocoa, turn on your favorite holiday movies, and let’s get started!

Woman Holiday Holiday Gift

Start With a Hard Surface

Though you’d love to sit on your bed—away from the watchful eyes of family members trying to sneak a peek at their presents—this squishy spot will likely result in a wrinkled, torn, and uneven wrap job. Instead, opt for a sturdy and hard surface, like a table or desk. This will help you fold crisp, clean lines and produce high-quality wrapped gifts that will look lovely underneath your beautifully-decorated tree.

Gift Wrapping Supplies on Hard Surface

Don’t Use Gift Tags—Use Photos!

Do something a little different with your gifts this year! Instead of the usual name tags, attach photographs to identify the recipients of each present. Take your family on a trip down memory lane by incorporating childhood photos—the goofier, the better—for a holiday full of sentimentality and laughter. We bet your family will spend just as much time reminiscing about the past as they do unwrapping their presents!

Polaroid Photos for Holidays

Fold Like a Professional

The best-wrapped gifts look that way because the folding is immaculate. Achieving a clean, crisp look is easy! After you’ve cut out enough paper to fit your present, put the gift in the center. Fold the bottom upwards, fold the sides in, and tape them down. Repeat these steps for the top half, and you’re done! This produces a gorgeous present and saves tape, too.

Family Wrapping Holiday Gifts

Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

When it comes to oddly-shaped gifts, like stuffed animals and candles, it can be a struggle to wrap them well. Luckily, it’s not as hard as it may seem! All you have to do is create your own gift bag by folding the paper you’ve cut in half and taping it down. Then, fold the bottom upwards, pressing the sides inward. Slip the gift into your bag-like creation, seal the top with tape and a festive ribbon, and watch your loved one’s eyes light up with glee as they open it!

Gift Wrap for Odd Gifts

Low On Paper? No Worries!

The worst thing that can happen while wrapping is realizing that you didn’t cut enough paper. Instead of throwing the small piece away and starting over, simply turn your gift diagonally. This will leave enough room for you to pull the corners inward. Not only does this trick save paper, but it also results in a perfectly-wrapped present, ready to be ripped open!
Now that you’ve got your gifts all wrapped up, you’re ready to celebrate with your closest friends and family. Start making memories and new holiday traditions in your dream Shea home! Visit our website to schedule a tour today.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Paper

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