With the KonMari® Method, created by organizing consultant Marie Kondo, you can create a space that sparks joy every time you step foot inside. With the right closet, the right kitchen, and the right organizational tools, it is easy to embrace Kondo’s philosophy.  Tricia Fidler, a certified KonMari® Master Consultant from Heywood Park Collective, has partnered with Shea Homes® and California Closets to bring organization and joy to each and every homeowner.
We interviewed Tricia, Sophia Stamos of Shea Homes, and Jackie Rivas of California Closets about this partnership and how they work together to implement the KonMari® Method within Shea closets and kitchens!

A Beautiful Friendship

Organized Closet

Who helped get this partnership started?
Jackie: For me, it started with Shea Homes eight years ago. I originally helped them with a custom closet design. Tricia and I met in the One Oak community in Encinitas – I had created a custom closet in that space, and Tricia came to do the KonMari® Method.
Tricia: That was an interesting time. I got a call from Sophia and Vanessa Linn, the VP of Marketing for Shea Homes San Diego. That was right after the Marie Kondo show premiered on Netflix in January 2019. Vanessa was very keen on the method, and Marie’s lifestyle really helped people spark joy in their lives. We brainstormed the different ways to bring the KonMari® Method to the Shea brand. It’s been a great partnership. From my standpoint, it brings what I talk about a lot in a more esoteric way into an actual installation, which is really fun.
How has this partnership evolved?
Sophia: When we first started working with Tricia, it was to kickstart one of our older communities, One Oak. It was a way to bring some attention to a different kind of program. And it worked. When we saw how well-received the KonMari® Method was, we wanted to bring it into our other communities. We thought it would be a great idea to bring Tricia and California Closets together to create a KonMari-style closet.

Designing Your Dream Closet


What is the best way for buyers to incorporate the KonMari® Method into their Shea closet?
Tricia: I think it’s leaving space. I go into a lot of houses, and the closets are just chock-full. Ideally, there should be 20% of empty space. That way you can invite something new in. When your closet is stuffed to the gills, you can’t bring anything new in, and you can definitely feel this tension in the room.
Jackie: I think having an organized system makes a world of difference. This helps create a space for all of your shoes, a hamper, and your long-hanging versus your short-hanging attire.
We also speak to the clients directly about how much width they want. If they want 24 inches for dresses, our goal is to give them 30. I think that's perfect because that touches on what Tricia's saying. You don't want it so tight and crammed together because visually, it's heavy on your eye and your stress level.
Sophia: I feel that, for things like this, they’re very important in smaller-sized homes.
I know that when I walk into a home, closet space can make it or break it. Visualizing how much can actually fit and still feel organized is really big for homeowners.
When you’re looking at a Shea home and a Shea closet, how does the design process start? What is the first step?
Jackie: I have my degree in interior design, so my mind is always thinking of functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics. For the initial planning process, I am given the floorplan to get an idea of the space and how we need to maximize that space efficiently. I work with Shea’s interior designers, so I know what elements are placed into the home, such as the wall colors, the floorings, the types of furniture, and all of those details. This helps me put together a design scheme that we can incorporate.
I also make sure to ask my clients if they plan to implement the KonMari® Method and how certain elements in the closet are perfect for that.

Closet Organization

What valuable tools would you recommend for organizing a smaller closet?
Jackie: It depends on the space of the room. If, for example, there isn’t room for a dresser, it’s important to have some drawers or baskets somewhere where residents can put the intimate items in.
Tricia: Even in a small space, boxes and drawers are important in keeping the floor clear.
Clutter attracts clutter. If you’re not defining your floor space, you’ll put the stuff you don’t use or wear there. Before you know it, you can't see the line where your clothes end.
Sophia: I love this idea. As Jackie said, we've been working on a couple of communities together, and she's been doing a great job of looking at our inspiration images and pairing the California Closets so perfectly with that.
Watch the full video on Youtube and see how implementing the KonMari® Method into your life can help you create a well-balanced and organized closet!

Bringing KonMari Into the Kitchen

How does your partnership relate to other areas of the home?
Sophia: Jackie has also done a wonderful job with some of the pantries we have in our homes. A lot of people don't realize it, but storage space is a huge thing.
Tricia: A lot of people struggle with their pantries. It’s hard to put everything away so that it’s easily accessed, especially with a family. The sample principles apply to the kitchen area. Again, easy to get to, easy to put back. This is where decanting comes in. Decanting entails taking things out of boxes and putting them into a clear container. It can be a chore, but the benefits pay off.
Jackie: I think what I love about what we did in 3Roots in Sorrento Mesa is that we really focused on showing a wide variety of different design options. There are different design variables—someone might want their space classic or even a little more elaborate—that can help them stay organized and efficient.
Tricia: We always do a vision-setting process as we start. “How do you want your kitchen to function? Are you a baker? Are you an Instant Pot® person? What is your lifestyle?" This helps us organize the kitchen in a way that will best benefit the homeowner.
To learn more on how to bring calm and harmony to your kitchen using the KonMari® Method, head to Youtube to watch the full video!

The Takeaway

Spice Cabinet

How does the KonMari® Method positively impact buyers in terms of physical and mental health?
Tricia: I always tell my clients, “it’s one thing to have a home for everything; it has to be easy to put back.” With the KonMari® Method and the California Closet’s design, everything is front and center. By having everything accessible, you’re not stressing out looking for a specific item, and you’re not physically pushing yourself to your limit.
Jackie: When everything is spread out and has a place, it opens up the floor. You can walk around easily and access whatever you need. It starts your day really nice and organized, mentally.
If you’d like to see the closets and pantries at 3Roots in person, call 866-OWN-SHEA to schedule a tour. If you’re a Shea homeowner, reach out to California Closets and Heywood Park Collective to incorporate the KonMari® Method and intentional organizational design into your closet and pantry.

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