With Father’s Day and graduation season upon us, we’re thinking about fun ways to celebrate the dads and grads in our lives. That’s why we’ve compiled 8 cool gift ideas for both dad and grads. Surprisingly, these home gadgets can be suitable for both occasions and should liven up anything from house chores to downtime – giving a whole new meaning to the term homemaking. Read on to help you find the perfect gifts for these June celebrations.




1.    Robot Cleaners

This one is for the dad that feels like his work is never done when it comes to cleaning the floors, and for grads entering their first homes that just don’t want to spend their weekends scrubbing floors. These bots not only get the floor spic-and-span, but also are just fun to watch!

Robot vacuum cleaners come at various price points and clean an array of flooring surfaces. Consumer Reports and certain tech critics agree among their top picks is the iRobot Roomba 880. With navigation and visual localization capabilities, the Roomba can navigate and clean an entire floor while dad is out on a playdate with the kids. For the busy high school grad now juggling 12 hour days between a college campus and a job, the Roomba can be controlled by phone and automatically recharges to finish the job. However, it costs around $900. At less than half the cost ($300), the BISSEL SmartClean 1605 has less tech features, but still does the job with a 3-stage cleaning system that cleans smooth surfaces to heavy carpet, and even alongside walls and the corners. Both options are sure to make cleaning a lot more fun by virtually doing the job for dad or grad.

2.    Home Sound System

Transport dad into the football stadium as he watches the big game, or get your grad jamming to her favorite beats in her new home or apartment. Wireless speaker systems produce amazing sound and look sleek and modern with their cordless features, allowing them to blend into any living room, office or bedroom – or even some less traditional home entertainment spaces like these open air patios in the Shea homes below.

Ventana Plan 3 Outdoor Room
Cortesa at Esencia Plan 1 Backyard

With several offerings on the market, we recommend slightly different variations of this gift for dad and grad. For dad, a surround system that includes multiple speakers and audio receivers could be just the right addition to your living room or his man cave. Bose offers several packages ranging from $250 up to $3,500 depending on number of speakers and supporting accessories. SONOS adds tech capabilities and convenience by allowing you to operate the speaker from your phone. This feature makes it a viable option for a tech appreciative dad or grad. With grads in a state of transition from school, to job, to apartment, to an eventual home, we recommend a portable speaker option that delivers amazing sound and is easily transportable if she needs to move for a new job or other life event.

3.    Smart Thermostat

Give dad, or your grad, a really cool gift with high-tech temperature control. Dad will thank you giving him a thermostat that he can control from anywhere he is (no need to leave the couch and miss the big game’s big play!). Grads will thank you for giving them an innovative tech accessory for their new home that makes them feel a bit more like adults. Nest is a front runner for both dad and grads in this category. At $250, Nest learns your habits and temperature preferences, when you are in or away from home, and understands seasons, allowing it to automatically set the perfect temperature in your home. While many new homes come equip with energy saving thermostats already, this gift is perfect for the dad or grad who haven’t made a recent move.

4.    Sleep Accessory

Just about anyone can appreciate a good night’s rest (or lazy Sunday in bed from time-to-time). Whether it’s the daily grind, family, yard work, or relationships, give dad or grads a sleep accessory that promotes rest and rejuvenation. While there are several apps and gadgets claiming to improve sleep, we recommend gifting accessories that leverage technology to make your bed extra cozy! Temperpedic pillows are made out of a patented foam that conforms to the way you sleep and range from $100-$200. Another sleep accessory that your dad or grad can cozy up to is a new comforter. Comforters range in weight, material (down or feather), and price, so keep considerations like geographic location that affects room temperature in mind. Once you’ve gifted them with the sleep basics, guide them with design inspiration that will make their sleep experience even more comfortable and relaxing.

Vista Dorado Plan 5 Guest Room

5.    Camera

A camera is a great gift for any life stage or milestone. Dad can capture and reflect on memories of the kiddos as they grow up, and grads can snap and share them in the shuffle of post-grad life. There is a camera to fit just about any lifestyle – from the greatest adventurers to those preferring a low-key staycation at homeGoPro is a top choice for the capturing action-packed experiences, like surfing or skiing, and start at $199. Recent grads will appreciate the instantaneous snapping, printing and sharing capabilities and vintage-style of the Polaroid Snap ($99). For the more traditional dad or grad, a digital classic point-and-shoot camera will help them capture and relive the memories with each baby’s first step or major promotion. If dads or grads needs a step up from their camera phone, budget models with better photo quality and automatic zoom lens between $50-$300 will do the job. For better speed, manual operation options, and even higher quality, an entry-level dSLR should satisfy a budding photographer’s interests.

Once the memories are captured, check out these ideas for turning them into décor in your home.

6.    Online Streaming TV/Video Service

Both dad and grads will enjoy their favorite TV programs and thank you even more for potentially cutting down cable costs. As smart TV’s are becoming the norm, online streaming gadgets like Chromecast and Roku allow you to plug in and view your favorite programming from home or away. For example, the Roku stick costs $40 and provides access to premium channels and services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime – all at an additional cost. With the gift of the streaming stick, you’re providing the basic technology, while dad or grad can make the tough decisions, like what TV programs, premium channels or new release movies they want to see. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your living room.

7.    Intelligent Pan

This gift idea is for the dads that need some kitchen assistance and grads who are learning to prepare their home-cooked meals on their own. Enter Pantelligent — the smart frying pan does the cooking for you. Dads or grads simply select what they’re making from the product’s app, available on smartphones, and how they like it prepared – for example: steak, medium-rare. The temperature sensor inside app monitors the temperature so you know when to flip, stir, add ingredient, adjust the heat, and when you’re done. Dads can impress the family with his home-cooking skills. Grads can feel at home in their new accommodations with a home-cooked meal, minus the stress of really preparing it.

8.     New Tools

Can dad ever own enough tools? We don’t think so. Every dad is known for being some level of a handyman. He’s typically the family’s go-to-guy for broken doorknobs, plumbing issues, and repairing windows, among a growing list of household maintenance tasks. That’s why another tool or accessory to his growing collection will never fail. Consider a garage workshop organizer, a new cordless power tool, heavy-duty flashlight, or more top tool ideas for dad this Father’s Day. Feel free to download and print this handyman badge to accompany your gift!


Basic tools are not a bad idea for grads either. Moving into and adding the personal design touches to their new home will require at least a hammer, nails, and screwdriver for hanging pictures and assembling furniture. A quick internet search surfaces several tool starter kits, including various tool combinations at different prices. The Sweet Home gives a breakdown on their best basic home toolkit here, providing two reasonably-priced ($20-$25) options that provide great value for your grad.

Any of these gift ideas give dad a new tech toy to test at home and grads a helpful start to life away from home. 

Needing even more gift ideas? Take a look at these local gifts recommended by Shea Homes Arizona thought of.

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