4 Garage Ideas: How to Make Your Space More Usable

What comes to mind when you think about your garage space? For most, it’s a place where our vehicles are parked or where we store our winter decorations until the next year’s festivities. But, your garage space can be so much more than an area of your home filled with mountains of miscellaneous things you keep meaning to organize. In fact, with some simple tweaks and updates, you can turn your garage into a comfortable, cozy space where you can relax, tinker, or even entertain. Check out our ideas for how you can personalize your garage area to fit your evolving lifestyle and home needs.

1.) Add or Build Shelves For Storage Space

One way to free up more room in your garage is to keep items off the floor, if possible. Instead of adding to a growing pile of items you’ve accumulated over the last year or gardening tools, take a day to purchase or make some shelving to meticulously organize and store all your items.

2.) Make it Your Repair Shop or DIY Room

Do you love DIY projects or repairing cars, machines, and more from home? If so, you don’t have to crowd your dining table with craft supplies or tools. Instead, you could utilize your garage as your personal workshop by adding in a foldable workbench, along with some storage containers for crafts, tools, and more.

3.) Make Room For Your Own Personal Gym

With many gyms still closed or operating on restricted capacity, many people have been using their homes as personal workout zones. If you’ve already been on the working-out-from-home train or might be thinking about it, you may be familiar with the struggle of finding enough space in your home for yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, and other forms of exercise. Instead of moving furniture around every time you want to work out, consider using your garage as your personal at-home gym. You can consider clearing out a dedicated corner where you can store all your equipment while still having enough space to break a sweat.

4.) Create a Garage Den and Game Room 

Everyone looks forward to time when they can relax, have some fun, and just unwind from the stress of work and life. Whether you like to entertain or play games, part of your garage space can be personalized to fulfill your wants and needs. Once you have cleaned out your garage, some simple additions such as furniture and games - like a ping pong or foosball table can turn the traditional storage space into a fun bonus room the whole family can enjoy.

As our lifestyles and needs continue to evolve, our homes should evolve with us. Explore more ways to personalize other areas of your home by checking out our flex room blog.


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