As summer temperatures begin to rise, your family is sure to spend more time outdoors barbecuing, playing lawn games, or just taking advantage of the lovely Colorado breeze. While you might be focused on giving your backyard a summer spruce-up, your front yard has just as much warm weather potential. Whether you live in a Harmony, Stargaze, or Reflection Collection home, read on for a few tips about extending your livable space so you can show off your well-tuned design perspective to all of your Solstice™ neighbors — all while taking your home’s curb appeal to the next level.
Start at the Door
Whether you’re leaving through it to go to work in the morning or opening it to welcome family and friends into your home for a night of fun and laughter, you’re probably using your front door more than you realize. Why not show this hardworking portal a little love with a fresh coat of paint? Not only is a splash of color sure to brighten your mood every time you turn the doorknob, but a carefully-chosen shade will draw the eye of every passerby. To find the ideal tone for your door, first consider the color(s) of your home — taking into account not only the walls and trim, but also the shades that appear in Colorado’s striking natural landscape. With this in mind, you can play with color theory to select an option that melds seamlessly into your home — or one that takes advantage of contrasting colors to make the door pop and become the focal point of your facade. And always be sure to check with your neighborhood HOA before painting.

Blue Front Door Getty Images

Guide the Eye In
Though the front door is the logical place to start your front yard refresh, there’s quite a bit more you can do to extend the visual impact of your home all the way to the street. As the connection between the curb and your home, the front path may seem less like a design opportunity than a utilitarian passageway — but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Flank your sidewalk with topiary for year-round visual interest, or line the path with well-considered garden beds full of flowers that bloom throughout the summer to keep the color party going until fall’s first frost. If your design principles are guided by continuity, consider using these flower beds to accentuate the color of your door by choosing blooms that match the fresh coat of paint. You may want to match the aesthetic of Solstice’s natural wonders. Determining a careful garden color scheme can establish a sense of care and control while still allowing for the surprise and unexpected delight brought by natural elements.

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Play a Little
Seasonal yard decoration is one of the best ways to add a little zest — and while summer may seem to provide fewer opportunities for holiday displays than winter and fall, Independence Day is the perfect excuse to lean into festive cheer with bunting flags or patriotic garlands. For a more subtle effect, add a few tasteful pastel red and blue throw pillows to outdoor seating and plant a few small flags in your potted plants.
If holiday displays aren’t really your cup of tea, you can still incorporate seasonal change by adding bright details to your porch or yard as the days get longer and hotter. We’ve always thought that warm shades provide lovely accompaniment for summer leaves and blossoms!

Patriotic Flowers American Flag Getty Images

We know that your front yard design will be an inspiration to all who see it — including your family! Once you’re done with the hard and satisfying work, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and let the compliments roll in.

Want to see what it’s like to be part of a community full of landscaping and design gurus who care as much about the beauty of nature as they do about their neighbors? Reach out today to learn more about Solstice™!

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