Having company over for the holiday season is always a joyous time of reconnecting with one another, but did you find making enough space to accommodate all of your out-of-towners tricky this year? In anticipation of these overflow needs, several Trilogy floorplans offer “Casitas” – or small apartment-like rooms – designed to house any overnight guests in a comfortable and private living quarter. Though attached to the larger home, Casitas can function as their own separate space, complete with a full bathroom, kitchenette, and private entrance, giving your guests the freedom they need to feel right at home.

Though a Casita is a great solution to accommodate relatives for the holidays, these functional spaces can work in many other ways as well. Read on for some practical ideas on how to make use of a Casita in your home.

1. Host a Long-Term Live-In

With the kids and grandkids out of the house for most of the year, it can be beneficial to have a live-in companion to spend time with and assist you with any household needs. This living situation can be a good option for any friends who are looking to down-size their own home, and would love having a smaller space to upkeep. By arranging your Casita as a mini apartment, your long-term guest can have the privacy and flexibility that they need to feel comfortable, but can still share in your daily lifestyle. Simply furnish the Casita with the basics – such as a bed, nightstand, and dresser – and work with your guest to make this quaint living space feel homey with whatever personal touches they might add.

Trilogy at Monarch Dunes Plan Riviera Casita
Trilogy at Monarch Dunes Plan Riviera Casita

2. Build the Perfect “Man Cave”

Men – sometimes you just need a personal space in the house that you can truly call your own. Ladies – sometimes you need an overflow area that can easily store all of your husband’s items that just don’t have the right place in your central living space. For whatever reason that rings true, purposing your Casita as a “man cave” is the perfect solution. Feel free to deck the walls with movie posters or sports memorabilia, and bring in a comfy leather couch and wide-screen TV for big game days. You can even consider installing a table tennis or Foosball table in the corner of the room, and with a personal kitchenette within reach, you can stock your man cave with your beverage of choice.

Trilogy at Ocala Preserve Plan Imagine Hobby Room
Trilogy at Ocala Preserve Plan Imagine

3. Find Serenity in a “She Shed”

Every woman dreams of escaping to a space where she can relax, unwind, and create the things she is passionate about. By turning your Casita into a “she shed,” not only will you have the room to house all of your specialty items, but also the privacy to have time to yourself. Bedeck your space with soft cushions, lacy trims, and cozy blankets, and pair them with a small bookcase to keep all of your literary favorites. If you enjoy DIY projects, bring in shelves and baskets to organize your she shed as a craft or sewing room, filling your space with all the knick-knacks you need for your beautiful creations. Or perhaps you’re a gardener and need a place for your plants to grow unencumbered, a musician who needs a soothing practice area, or a painter and a need ample room for your various tools. Whatever purpose it serves, make your she shed about you, and indulge in your own personal reprieve.

Encanterra Plan Alora Bonus Room
Encanterra Plan Alora

What other ideas do you have for making use of a Casita? Share them in the comments below!

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