For many homeowners, it’s easy to overlook the foyer. This room isn’t one that you or your guests will spend much time in, so it’s understandably a lower priority than a kitchen or great room when it comes to design and décor. However, the foyer sets the stage for the rest of your home. It’s intended to feel warm and welcoming, functional and clean. How can you give your foyer a makeover? Here are a few design tips to create a beautiful entryway:

Start with a rug. If you have a wide, open foyer, add a rug that grounds that space and serves double duty as a place for guests to wipe their feet or remove shoes before coming inside. For that reason, resist the urge to purchase anything too light, and think about function over fashion (in other words, a shag rug might not work as well as a heavy wool one). The rug is a wonderful way to bring in a pop of color or some sort of vibrant pattern that pulls from your walls and any artwork.

Warm (and brighten) things up. The foyer is one of the best places in the home to hang an eye-catching chandelier or pendant light. Look online or in local home stores for one that matches your style, whether you’re seeking something bold and modern or reminiscent of a rustic candelabra. A table lamp on the console is also a nice touch when you want a little light but don’t necessarily want the brightness of the overhead light.

Add a table. A console or other table against a wall a few steps from the door offers a place for you to set down keys or the mail and for your guests to place their purses or other small items. If your foyer is spacious, a round table below the chandelier will make the room feel cozier and create a spot for seasonal decorations or florals. Paint your entry table a bright color or go with something subtler if you’d rather let another element like the rug take center stage.

Hang an entry mirror. There’s something inviting about a large mirror near the front door—a great place for you to check your appearance before answering the doorbell! If you have vaulted ceilings in your foyer, consider a tall leaner mirror or an oversized one for above the entry table.

Add décor. It’s easy to neglect the foyer because there are so many other spaces in your home that seem more deserving of your attention. However, the console table is the perfect spot for a striking vase of silk (or real) flowers, a tray or dish, or a few framed photos. If you have another wall that needs decorating, incorporate artwork, a decorative mirror collection, or other standout wall hangings.

Stash a storage piece. A vast, empty foyer feels cold. Even if you have an entry closet, an attractive coat rack makes a statement while serving a valuable purpose when you’re hosting people for dinner. Other functional pieces might include an umbrella stand and a boot tray. If you like having out-of-sight storage, make that entry table a dresser with multiple drawers for storing everything from hats to photo albums.

Add that personal touch to your foyer—this is the introduction to the rest of your home, after all. Even if yours is small, this area of the home should leave a good first impression. Give yours the consideration it deserves by incorporating colors and pieces that coordinate with the rest of your home’s design and décor. When you’re finished, you’ll find that your foyer makes your guests feel inspired and right at home from the moment they set foot inside.

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