Styles change so quickly in homes that it can be difficult to keep up with what is trendy at the time. Creating pieces of your home that are timeless can help keep your home modern without breaking the bank. Since balancing the two can be tricky for even experienced homeowners and designers, we’ve put together a few tips for keeping your home stylish and timeless.

Make the Bigger Design Pieces Timeless – A good rule of thumb is to consider how often you are going to replace something, and the longer the time in between replacing it, the more timeless it should be. So, for something like a bed frame or a dining table, you want to err on the side of timeless, rather than going with something too contemporary that may fade after a few years. Look for neutral colors that will stick around for years to come. If you need to add some creativity to the room, do so with your paint choices, that can more easily be changed down the line.

Use Trendy Pieces as Accents – Falling in line with the first tip, you want smaller accent pieces to be where you throw in some flair. These items won’t cost you as much when it comes time to switch them out with something new, so there’s less risk in getting something that may be out of style soon. For example, if you buy a large sectional you’d want to opt for a neutral tone, while your accent chairs and pillows can be colors that pop a bit more. The contrast will also show off your accent choices even more, so feel free to really express yourself.

Clean Cabinets – We all know just how much cabinets make or break a kitchen, and replacing them can be expensive, so getting them right the first time is key. Clean, white cabinets are often considered the most neutral, so you can invest in them with confidence that no matter how your kitchen or surrounding changes, the cabinets will fit. Whether you go with all wood or some glass door inserts, they should maintain their classic appearance for many years to come.

Keep with The Classics – Think about built-in shelves, area rugs, oversized mirrors, marble countertops, things that have been in style for years, and will continue to be for years to come. This is a great starting point for finding a proper mix of trendy and timeless, as you pick a few designs that are truly classics, and add smaller pieces from there.

Add in Vintage Pieces - Especially when you move into a home that has a more modern design, adding in a few vintage pieces can give the home a more diverse feel. It also gives the impression that some of the pieces in your home have been collected throughout the years and tend to add some character to the house. Mixing these contemporary and vintage styles can really appeal to multiple aesthetics if done correctly.

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In the end, it really is all your choice on how you decorate and design your home, and you should do so with things that you love, regardless of how trendy or how timeless they are. Whatever style you choose, Shea Homes’ are ready for your personal touch. If you’re interested in buying a Shea Home, check out our website.

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