The way you decorate your home can say a lot about who you are, but nothing is more personalized than creating your own Halloween decorations. Channel your crafty inner self with these easy ideas from Shea Homes® to decorate your home this spooky season.

Halloween Yard Decorations

Wood Signs
Wood signs have been the trend recently for nearly every holiday, and Halloween is no exception. This craft is applicable for any level of crafters; If you are a beginner or advanced, there are many ways you can make it your own. All you need is acrylic or latex paint and wood. Both items can typically be sourced at a crafting store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.
After you have the supplies, it takes just two simple steps—preparing and painting the wood according to your design. If necessary, cut your wood to whatever shape your idea requires. After cutting, it’s important to prime your wood. Bare wood should always be primed prior to painting because the wood is porous. Primer contains high solids, so it helps fill grains in the wood. White paint also works if you are in a pinch. Next, paint your desired Halloween design. You can free-hand it or purchase a stencil online or from a craft store. If multiple layers are needed, make sure that your paint dries between each layer. An option for keeping it polished through the years is coating it with a varnish. 
Wreaths are one of the most traditional and simple decorations you can make. Typically known for their use in the Christmas season, they can be interspersed through the year and are fun to make.
Before you begin crafting your Halloween wreath, you will need about 30 pipe cleaners, a wire wreath form, hot glue, 2.5” mesh ribbon colored in correspondence with your pipe cleaners, and your choice of accents such as fall flowers or Halloween-themed items.
First, cut the pipe cleaners in half. After cutting, take a wire wreath form of any size and begin attaching your ribbon. The pipe cleaners ensure the ribbon is tied down. After tying down the first piece, scrunch the next piece and tie it down. Repeating this will create a fluffy look. Starting on the middle wire with a larger ribbon will cover the entire wire. Opting for a smaller ribbon alternating between the wires will create a seamless look. After you are finished, tuck in any pipe cleaners. Feel free to add any personal touches like hot gluing leaves, or as shown in the image above—eyeballs, to the wreath for a more “Halloween-themed” look.

Halloween Wreath

Macrame Ghost:
Though macrame may have an intimidating stigma, it’s not as threatening as it looks. The only materials required for these ghosts are embroidery hoops, macrame cord, and felt. For one ghost, cut your cord into 14 50-inch-long pieces and begin tying your knots. An easy knot to tie is the Lark’s Head knot. To tie this knot, fold two pieces of cord together. Using the folded half, wrap it around the embroidery hoop and pull all four tails through the hoop. Repeat until you reach the end of the top of the hoop. Hot glue the felt eyes and mouth to the ghost.

Happy Halloween

What are some of your favorite trending fall crafts this season?

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