No other space will more quickly make your new home the ‘fun house’ than a game room.

Making the choice to use your flex room as a gaming area is guaranteed to bring family and friends closer together, whether it’s during after-work happy hours, Friday night sleepovers, or Sunday Fun-Days. At least until the third hour of Monopoly, at which time even the strongest of relationships will be pushed to their breaking point.

A game room has a high likelihood of becoming one of the most used spaces in your new home, so give it the thought it deserves. Do it justice, and it will be the site of cherished memories for you and your family for years to come.

The first – and perhaps the most important – step is deciding exactly what kind of game room you’re aiming for. After all, it could be anything from an all-night video gaming lair to a laid-back bar space for poker night with the buddies. A good place to start is with the age range you’ll be entertaining. Families with younger children may want to steer clear of larger, more complex games like billiards, and instead opt for a foosball table, which is easier and more enjoyable for young ones. Coupled with a table for board games and an old-school arcade machine in the corner, and you’ll be on your way to a space all ages can enjoy.

Families with teenagers should consider a space for video gaming, with comfy chairs, couches, and bean bags. Of course, adults will love chatting with friends around the pool table, which can easily double as a ping-pong table with a conversion top (these are great options but will require 3-5 feet of additional space around it to account for the pool cue and/or the wild flailing of a heated table tennis match. Consider these space requirements when planning the rest of the room). For an addition that takes up almost no extra space, opt for a dartboard.

Once you’ve mapped out how your game room will function, you can start planning the details. Seating is a good place to begin: let’s say you’ve gone for the billiards/table tennis combo – you can easily remove the net and have a perfect table for board games, but you’ll need enough places for everyone to sit. Think about furniture that can pull double duty, like ottomans and stools, which can hold drinks and snacks when everyone is up and about, and then be easily moved around for extra seats. No need to keep folding chairs tucked behind the door.

And how about keeping score of the reigning champions win-streak? A chalkboard does the job, but to add some character to the room, how about using chalkboard paint to cover one wall? Not only can you see who has suffered the most crushing defeats, but guests can decorate the room with their own messages and doodles, giving the space an extra touch of personality. And personality is exactly what a game room needs! You should feel free to be more eclectic and adventurous with your design choices in this room than anywhere else in the house. Vibrant décor, unique furniture, colorful LED light strips… anything that will make the most fun room of the house extra fun to look at!

Have a zany game room of your own or any other room you’re especially proud of? We’d love to see it! Tag us on social media @SheaHomesAZ.

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