Somehow, another year has come and gone, and it is almost time to welcome in the new year. If you’re taking the leap and hosting the party for the first time, we are here to help make it the best yet. Just be warned, if it’s as good as we think it’ll be, it likely won’t be your last time hosting.

Getting the Aesthetic Right – This goes for any hosting really, but especially on New Year’s, the aesthetic has to be good. It can depend on the party, but we think the best vibe to go for is one that is fun, but still classy. It might be worth a quick watch of The Great Gatsby to get the creative juices flowing. A gold and black focused color palette is always a great place to start. Good mood lighting (think dim), and well-established areas for partying and relaxing are great ways to keep people happy. 

Family Celebrating New Year's

Make it Easy – The simplest way to get everyone on the same page for the party is to come up with a theme. Whether you want to go with something fun and creative (Y2K?) or more serious like black tie, a theme will give your guests a more inclusive feel, so no one is over or underdressed. Make sure you get the theme out early to give everyone a chance to prep their outfits.

Food and Drink – Depending on when you plan to start your party, it is important to have your food and drink offerings dialed in. New Years Eve is a celebration, and the drinks should match the occasion, so be cliché and have plenty of champagne at the ready. Your other drinks should be fairly easy to serve as well, whether that is a homemade cocktail ready in a pitcher or the uber popular seltzers cold in the fridge. Plenty of a water is a must at any party, so keep that at the ready in a variety of ways (bottles, pitcher, etc.) to suit everyone’s preferences.

If you are having a sit-down meal or just offering bites throughout the night, you want to ensure that it fits whatever mood you’ve decided on for the night. If you can find a good recipe that cooks in one dish, it’ll save you lots of time cleaning dishes so you can enjoy your company. Lastly, don’t forget a dessert to celebrate the New Year with, getting some last sweets in before everyone starts their Jan. 1st diets is pivotal. Shea Homes®’ kitchens are well-suited to host a great party, which should make this part much better. 

Group Celebration

Entertainment – Sure, there will be something always happening on the TV before midnight, but it’s better to have some activities lined up to enjoy with your guests. With Shea’s expansive great rooms and diverse floor plans, there is plenty of options for keeping everyone comfortable. Assigning someone to making a great playlist can make the party, so choose your friend with the best music taste carefully and get the dancing going.
It can be daunting to get it right when hosting a big gathering such as a New Years party, but luckily Shea homes are the perfect place to ring in the New Year. If you are interested in learning more about owning a Shea home, check out our website.

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