As technology improves and trends change, certain amenities and features become must-have items for a new home. With so many options to choose from, and a Shea Homes® home being an inviting template, it can be difficult to choose just how you want your home to look and feel. Start with a few of these suggestions and watch your home become everything you envision.

Moving Out – Not the type of moving out that your mind is first going to but think more of moving some of your space outdoors. Homeowners are starting to take advantage of their outdoor space by creating open transitions from their living areas to outdoor yard spaces. To make the transition seamless, place some furniture items right outside that would normally be placed inside (sofas, tables, storage solutions). This can make an open floor plan feel even bigger and invite guests to enjoy your outdoor setup without feeling separated from those inside.

Texture & Tiles – These two design features are growing in popularity quickly. Geometric shaped tiles are a surefire way to liven up your interior spaces and give a more modern spin, while textured walls give definition and depth to your design. Obviously, you can combine these two, since tile itself gives a wall a different texture than just a standard wall. Other ways to add textures to a room are with rugs pillows and even decorative window fashions. Different textures can also make your various colors pop when they’re different from the paint on your wall/ceiling.

A Flex Room – Having a room that can be used in a variety of ways has always been useful, and that certainly isn’t changing anytime soon. Especially as remote work becomes increasingly popular, a room that can serve as an office and a spare bedroom simultaneously is extra valuable. Flex rooms are also important to families that are still expanding, as the extra room can quickly become a kids room or nursery as the family grows. For more tips on what to do with that room, check our blog on flex rooms.

Large Spaces – Who doesn’t love a bit more room right? While having larger spaces in general might seem a bit obvious, there are a few areas and items in particular where a bit more size can make a world of difference. First in the kitchen, with a large kitchen island and dedicated pantry space. Many people consider the kitchen the “center of the house” so wouldn’t it make sense that the island in the center of your kitchen is big enough to handle a variety of tasks? You want an island that can support cooking, eating and even the occasional homework project. Meanwhile, having actual pantry space will make your organization so much easier, with your pantry holding all your non-perishable items and freeing up other cabinets for dishes, cooking supplies etc.

Posh Bathrooms Bathrooms are tricky, they can be one of the most relaxing rooms in your house (picture a warm bath after a long day) or one of the most stressful (trying to finish getting ready in a time crunch). Having a few luxurious amenities in your bathroom will ensure that it strays towards the relaxing side of the spectrum. A roomy walk-in shower means that you’ll never feel claustrophobic during your zen time in the hot water, and many include a bench so you can just sit and breathe if it’s been one of those days. Also, having a freestanding tub is not only aesthetically pleasing, but just pleasing in general. Sometimes a good soak is the best way to end the day, especially as you watch all the worries whirl down the drain.

What are your must-have home features?

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