We all know the quote, “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, home trends have changed.” So maybe that isn’t exactly the saying, but it does feel like home décor trends change rapidly. While some are consistent for a few years, the small things can vary from year-to-year, but that is why we are here. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite up and coming home trends for the new year.    
Bring on the neutrals - Bold beautiful neutrals are already sweeping the walls of homes everywhere. Make your home feel warm and inviting with a snazzy mustard yellow or a sage green. Color pops are all the rage to accent minimalistic styles. Take on a muted orange for your bathroom accent wall. This is the year to go for it!

Sage Green Walls 2022 Design Trends

Vintage overhaul - Historical crafts like grandma’s tufted armchair are timeless additions that can cozy up an office or a living room with ease. The comfy look is in, so take advantage of vintage! Sixties style minimalism is merging here to create a spectrum of intense detail to relaxed monochromes. All along either direction, comfort awaits. Find it in the décor with large portraits of simple subjects or the kitchen counter where the space only gets bigger.


Prelude Storyrock 7523 Plan Study

The laundry room - It has become your place to get stuff cleaned, and now it’s getting a makeover, too. Laundry doers are putting counter tops over their washer-dryer sets for table space and freeing up the space with storage options for everything. The mud room has officially married the laundry room, creating a space for the family to come in and ditch the dirt before heading into the rest of the home. Many Shea Homes have the option of a mudroom already built-in, so you don’t have do any work but still reap the rewards.

Laundry Studio Counter Space

Butcher’s block – One of the least common countertops over the past years has been butcher’s block, but we think that is going to change moving forward. Butcher’s block can give a very natural feel to your kitchen, with real wood lining the surface. While it is true that it requires a bit more maintenance than other options, butcher’s block done right will make your kitchen stand out amongst the rest. Also, just because its wood doesn’t mean there isn’t a variety of color, between the type of wood and the color of stain, you have endless options to fit your color scheme.

Azure Residence 3 Kitchen Butcher Block

What will you be incorporating into your home this year? Any new trends you are seeing out there?

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