No two words can thrill a kid quite like “Snow Day!” From snow angels to cozy afternoons by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate, your family can have plenty of outdoor and indoor fun when school is out. Read on for creative activities to enjoy with the whole household on a sweet snow day. 
Celebrate with snacks
A snow day calls for celebratory snacks. Snow ice cream using shaved ice as a frozen dessert base, sweetened with sugar, milk, and vanilla. To make "snow" ice cream, shave eight cups of ice and whisk together your other ingredients, then mix it all together, top with sprinkles, and enjoy. Your snow day snacks will taste even better when accompanied by a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Create a topping bar with mini marshmallows, crumbled peppermint candies, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup and let your kids adorn their own drinks.

Snow Ice Cup Dessert Getty Images

Get crafty
A snowy morning indoors is an ideal time to experiment with kid-friendly crafts. Gather magazines and newspapers and assemble a family collage, or teach the kids how to cut paper snowflakes to match the real flakes outside. Create matching friendship bracelets for the whole family using yarn and beads, or teach kids how to braid. Using loops of colored craft paper, string together a garland to hang above the mantle or in a kid’s room. For a more involved craft, use shaving cream and food coloring to dye paper in a funky marbled pattern. For an outdoor craft adventure, dig up items from under the snow (like acorns, leaves, and evergreen sprigs) and create frozen suncatchers on paper plates. 

Mom Daughter Cutting Snowflakes from Paper Getty Images

Games galore
While away the snowy hours a board or card game both parents and kids can enjoy, like Uno, Guess Who?, Connect 4, or checkers. Don’t have your own checkers board? Try making your own DIY board at home! For another DIY game, assemble your own “bowling” lane using tennis balls and empty water bottles. Many fun games require no equipment whatsoever, like Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, or a household game of hide and seek. For all-day entertainment you can return to over the course of your snow day, try working a challenging puzzle in the kitchen. Thankfully, homes in The Canyons™ offer plenty of counter space, including kitchen islands with eat-in bars, to spread out. 

Happy Young Family Doing a Puzzle Getty Images

Get adventurous
Some kids might get antsy indoors all day and need to work off some energy. How about an indoor obstacle course? Use pillows, furniture, couch cushions, and sheets to create a “course” through your house to clamber over. Or, create a scavenger hunt (indoors, outdoors, or both) with simple riddles to find buried “treasure.” Encourage your kids’ construction skills by building a snow cave outdoors, or a fort of blankets and sheets in the great room indoors. Decorate your fort with stuffed animals, and cozy up for some family snuggle time. 

Young Girl Mom Dad Indoor Fort Getty Images

No matter how you choose to spend your snow day, quality time with family will make it memorable for kids and parents alike. To take a peek at available home sites at The Canyons™ and our neighborhood amenities (including acres of parks for snowball fights!), visit us online or or visit in person today.

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