As we get rolling in 2021, one thing’s for certain: Working from home is here to stay, with some companies operating remotely as a long-term option. That means it’s time to get truly comfortable in your home office! Shea Homes® are designed for work and play, with additional bedrooms, optional finished basements, and dedicated flex spaces ideal for a private study.

You may have already set up shop and figured out tricky childcare, but don’t neglect nesting. Adding personalized decor, tools for productivity, and creature comforts can help you engage with your work in a more purposeful way. Get started with our four recommendations for sprucing up your study and helping you focus in the new year. These suggestions are sure to make you look good on Zoom.

Find Natural Lighting  
Beat the afternoon slump: Natural light can energize you throughout the day and also makes screen time easier on the eyes. To maximize your lighting, select a room or space with large windows and add curtain sheers to let in more sunshine. Bedrooms on the second story, front-facing home offices, and even finished basements with walk-out patios can illuminate your video conferencing space.

Canyons Retreat Haven Dining and Great Room

Need a break from the computer screen? Simply look outside for an incredible view of Colorado. A five-minute breather is important to maintaining a normal work schedule at home.

Greenery and Foliage
What’s stopping you from purchasing an easy-to-care-for succulent or hearty ivy plant? After all, plants are proven to remove toxins from the air and can provide you with inner peace as you try to bring the outdoors into your home. Worried you don’t have the right conditions? Luckily, certain plants thrive in any environment regardless of lighting or humidity — such as snake plants or African violets.  More experienced plant parents may even want to take on a challenge for a purposeful project outside of work!

Great Room Interior Design Foliage Greenery Getty Images

A Fresh Coat of Paint 
Never underestimate the power of paint. It’s a simple change that can make all the difference!

Painting just a single accent wall can beautify your space. Interior designers will be quick to remind you that blue is the color that provides the most calm and is often associated with more productivity. If you like, go for a complete wall-to-wall makeover. Earthy greens, light pinks, or pale yellow shades can stimulate happiness — just be sure to find an inspiring and warm color that suits your style. 

Solstice Harmony Imagine Primary Bedroom

Decorative-Yet-Practical Shelving 
The key to increasing storage is to build upward, and practical shelving enables you to add more personality to your workspace. You can line the shelves with books (both professional and personal picks), framed photographs of family and friends, art to display for your coworkers to see, or even office supplies that simply need their own place.

Work shelving into a collage wall or opt for a stylish series of bookcases to line the edges of your room. Just be mindful: Your office needs to be pretty spacious to accommodate multiple pieces of furniture.

Sitting Nook Decorated Wall Shelves Interior Design Getty Images

No matter how you design your home office, we know the power that comes with having a dedicated room of your own for work. At Shea Homes, we incorporate modern elements into our floorplans and architecture so that your home is as convenient as it can be! To learn more about our available residences in colorful Colorado, contact us here.

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