Keeping your kitchen tidy can feel like an endless task, especially with a full and fast-paced household. That never-ending pile of clutter just seems to reappear no matter how many times you sort through it, right? With a few key tips, tricks, and strategies to help organize your space, you can enjoy the happiness a clean kitchen brings to your home.

Find a Home for the Clutter
Miscellaneous items such as keys, mail, and grab-and-go snacks for the kids can make even the tidiest homes look like a mess. Give those objects a designated home with a decorative bowl, tray, or dish. This will not only eliminate excess clutter but will also add a polished aesthetic appeal!

Crescendo at Central Park Plan 2205 Kitchen

Pro Tip: Fill a catchall dish with seasonal decorations — like pine cones in the fall or oranges in the summer — to spice up your space.

Utilize your Kitchen Island
If you have an island, you know that although it provides ample counter space, it takes up a lot of room. Our advice? Use that extra room for storage! Find creative ways to carve out extra storage using your island to optimize the space you have and keep appliances and cookware off of your countertops.

Stepping Stone Stonewalk Evergold Kitchen

Pro Tip: The trash can is an eyesore in any kitchen. Hiding it under the sink or in a secret island cabinet de-clutters and clears the floor space for a tidy and rubbish-free finish.

Get Creative with Cabinets
Don’t limit yourself to the placement of traditional cabinets above and below countertops. Consider adding storage space in innovative areas — such as above the refrigerator or below the oven! This helps optimize the space and promote clutter-free counters while adding a modern look and feel to the kitchen as a whole.

Canyons Gallery Corbett Kitchen

Pro Tip: Lean on Pinterest boards for paint color inspiration to add your own fun flare, crafting a look that’s uniquely you!

Prodigious Pantries
Proper pantry organization can make all the difference for your kitchen cleanliness goals. Harness the power of organizer tubs, space savers, and shelves to store your food and utensils. With a walk-in pantry in our homes, keeping an organized kitchen is that much easier.

Canyons Luxe Hyde Dining & Catering Alcove

Pro Tip: Utilize the back of the pantry door for additional space and organization by installing wire racks!

Open-Concept Living
Open-concept kitchens and floorplans have always been a hot commodity in the home builder community. With Shea, we take that to heart and ensure that each model we build provides open and spacious living that promotes tidy spaces. After all, a clean home is a happy home.

Canyons Luxe Stonehaven Kitchen

Visit our website to find a floorplan that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

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