Picture this: It’s Christmas Eve, the fireplace is crackling, and you’ve found the perfect gift for your loved one to open tomorrow morning. Before you pull out the tape dispenser and the reindeer wrapping paper, consider this — how can you make your gift stand out from the pile underneath the tree? Read on for creative gift wrapping ideas to try out this holiday season. 
No boring gift bags here: Unwrapping a gift creates a special moment to remember. Rather than focusing on patterned gift wrap, try a ribbon with pizzazz. A dark satin ribbon adds a sophisticated touch, while a lace ribbon conjures an old-world elegance. Wired edge ribbon can create a dramatic effect when tied in a large bow, or you can even experiment with alternate ribbon shapes instead. 

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To create a bouncy nest of curly ribbon ends, first wrap your package in ribbon, then trim ribbon ends so they’re about three to five times longer than necessary — don’t worry, they’ll shrink back as they curl! Taking the ribbon and a pair of scissors, position the ribbon perpendicularly to the open scissor blade, holding it in place with your thumb and index finger. Firmly slide the scissor blade down the length of the ribbon end —- it should spring back in a curly coil. Voila! 

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Evergreen sprigs are a classic gift decoration: Trim a few inches from your holiday tree or take a walk through one of the many parks in our Shea Homes® communities to gather fallen evergreen branches, pinecones, or dried grasses. Greenery adds a bit of festive cheer and a pop of color to gifts wrapped in brown butcher paper — try tucking sprigs of pine under plain or red and white striped twine around your gift. 

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To really blow your gift recipient’s mind, think outside the (gift) box! A seasonal scarf, throw, or tablecloth does double duty as both a neat holiday gift and a vessel for the real gift inside. To really flex your crafting muscles, try DIYing your own holiday stamp and applying the pattern to tablecloths or runners. Recycled gift paper is a great way to divert materials from a landfill —- try using alternate materials from a thrift store like old atlases, newspapers, or sheet music. 

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In addition to greenery, try tucking edible or scented items under ribbons or twine for an additional treat! Candy canes keep the holiday spirit vibrant while cinnamon sticks scent your gift with seasonal spice. Citrus has long been associated with holiday celebrations —- during the Great Depression fruit was a luxury, so a fresh orange was a meaningful and valuable present. With just a few hours of prep, you can dry orange slices to ornament your gift wrappings. Crafty gifters can form seasonal shapes (think trees, stars, or gingerbread people outlines) with a gingerbread salt dough or a simple baking soda dough

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No matter how you choose to wrap your gifts, it’s the gesture itself that truly matters. Your recipient will appreciate your generosity and giving spirit, no matter how crooked the scissor lines or how many pieces of tape you had to use! To find your perfect holiday space for this season and years to come, check out our cozy Colorado communities or call (866) 696-7432 today!

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