The longest day of the year may be in the rearview window already, but you’ll still find lots of summer left to love. It’s especially easy to do so when you make an effort to spend time in Colorado’s gorgeous outdoor climate on your beautiful porch! Make the most of our home state’s cool late-summer evenings by giving your Shea Homes® front porch a quick and easy refresh — read on for some ideas to get you started.
Set the Scene
Your welcome mat says a whole lot about you. You can choose a simple mat if you’re a budding minimalist, the taco mat for the Tex-Mex obsessed, and any number of other doormats that speak to individual inspirations and design philosophies. Since the doormat is one of the quickest ways to make an impression, why not alter a boring doormat into a DIY celebration of your home? With only a few tools, you can transform your doormat into an adorable to-scale version of your home complete with matching design. A miniature version of the two-story Harmony at Solstice™ home with modern farmhouse exterior? It’s almost too perfect.

Front Porch Door Mat Getty Images

Cocktail, Anyone?
Just like peanut butter and chocolate, few things go together as well as porches and a fresh cocktail. Make whipping up libations that much easier by building an outdoor bar cart on top of the metal frame of a rolling laundry basket. You’ll need to complete a little carpentry to get this project done, but it’s nothing terribly difficult — and when all’s said and done, it’ll be worth it when you’re sitting back to watch the sunset and drink a cold and refreshing Spaghett

Lemonade Basket Table Getty Images

Bring the Birds
The porch is a magical space that is able to enchant just about anyone into taking a deep breath, sitting back, and relaxing. We think that one of the reasons this happens is that while sitting on your porch you’re that much closer to the tranquil nature inherent to our Colorado communities — and all the delightful associated birdsong. To coax birds even closer to your door — and therefore increase the potency of nature’s spell — build this simple and elegant modern bird feeder out of a terracotta saucer and some macrame. It’s a beginner-friendly project that you can complete in a single afternoon and then enjoy for years to come with your family. 

Bird Feeder Getty Images

Make It Light
If ease is the main factor determining your front porch refresh, we have just the thing: pre-made luminary porch lights. After hanging some easy-to-find luminaries up with string lights, you’ll have a gentle and welcoming glow to relax under even after the sun goes down. Better yet? If you find a star-shaped luminary, it will be like you’re reading by the light of your own little sun. We can’t think of a lovelier or more picturesque way to get the most mileage out of your home’s beautiful hybrid spaces!

Paper Lantern Decoration Getty Images

ABCs of Decor
This final project is a little more involved, but it’s a total stunner. By following an easy-to-parse set of instructions, you’ll construct a vertical wall-mounted planter that’s meant to be refreshed seasonally (think early blooming flowers in spring or tastefully-arranged succulents for summer). You’ll find instructions to make all 26 letters of the alphabet, though some are probably easier to construct than others. No matter which letter(s) you settle on (your kids’ initials? TGIF?), your planter is sure to capture the imagination of everyone in your neighborhood as it continues to shift and evolve — a real living sculpture.

Small Cactus Pots Shelf Getty Images

Ready to live your very best porch life? Check out the beautiful Shea homes popping up across Colorado to see how one of our floorplans is sure to perfectly suit you and your family. With four master-planned communities in up-and-coming Denver-areas, we’re positive that you’ll find your dream home before too long. Get in touch with us ASAP to learn more and take the first steps toward your future!

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