The view from the curb is a home’s first impression, but the entrance can set a tone for the rest of the experience. Try these tips to wow your family and guests inside and out of your Shea home.

Courtyard and Porch

Some Shea Homes® Houston floorplans come with courtyards or large porches before the front door, giving homeowners extra room to get creative. An outdoor runner leading to the door can add flair and possibly eliminate the need for an exterior doormat. A large umbrella can provide cover.

Photo of courtyard at Shea Homes 70' model in Evergreen

The courtyard at the Shea Homes® Plan 6020 model in Evergreen includes outdoor seating that matches the décor inside the house.

Install a fire pit or a table and include chairs to encourage gathering. Add a sense of tranquility with a water feature or windchimes. Entertain the kids by including chalk art and other activities. Or, turn the area into your own private garden with trellises and potted plants. You can find even more outdoor living ideas on our blog.

Because Houston is so hot and humid, we recommend outdoor seating made from wood or rope, without cushions.

Front Door

Basic utility items like mats, lights, and even the door can represent your personality as a Shea homeowner. Do you prefer a sleek, modern sensibility or a more rustic feel? Are you a maximalist or more aesthetic? Don’t forget to establish an area for guests to leave their shoes, bags, and coats.

Art can reflect your values to your guests. Don’t be afraid to get personal! Photos of family and friends instantly warm up a view. Culturally specific pieces – such as a Texas star or a landscape painting – give guests more insight into your background. A small statue, potted plant, or hall table can make an impression without sacrificing much floorspace.

Photo of entry hall in Shea Homes model at Del Bello Lakes

Plans like 5029 – modeled here in Del Bello Lakes – open to a hallway, but a narrower entry can still pack a punch.

If you want to grab your guest’s attention right away, consider a statement wall or ceiling. When used strategically, a contrasting color or bold pattern draws the eye without overwhelming the viewer.

Garage Entry

When you’re returning from a long day at work or with armfuls of groceries, an inconvenient entrance simply won’t do. Many Shea Homes® Houston floorplans have an optional built-in valet bench. This feature works as a landing space when entering through the garage and helps keep items organized. If you don’t have this built-in feature, you can also set up shelves, a shoe caddy, hooks, or a small bench.

Photo of garage at a Shea home in Sienna

Garages like this one in Sienna don’t have to be boring car rooms or storage overflow. (Though, if that’s what you like in your Shea home, we’re not going to stop you.)

But your usual entryway doesn’t have to be all function, no form. Hang a sentimental piece of art on the wall to greet you when you come home. Remind yourself of what’s important on your way out of the house with a bulletin board full of photos and notes. Attach a bell to the garage door to announce your arrival. You can even decorate the garage, itself, with items such as replica road signs or a small stand for your keys.

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