Whether you knew it or not, when you made the choice to move to The Canyons™ you made your way to a hopping little corner of the Front Range. Within a stone’s throw of Castle Pines you’ll find fabulous amenities and the Front Range’s unparalleled outdoor access that’s second to none. To help you get to know the many gems in and around our sparkling community, we’ve put together a fun scavenger hunt for you! While this game is geared toward younger people, we think that you’ll discover included activities that the whole family can enjoy. To maintain the spirit of surprise, you’ll find the answer key at the bottom of the page. Enjoy and have fun!

1 -  When you’re here, you’ll never be without something tasty to eat and drink. When you’re here, you’ll be among friends. Sometimes, this place fills all the way up with sweet songs by local musicians. At other times you’ll find a room full of wunderkinds flexing their trivia knowledge. You’re always welcome here. Where is this?

Canyons Exchange Coffee House White Coffee Mug

2 - Though many sleep here every night, this is not a home for people. Everyone who eats here is a big eater, but this is not a buffet. If you want to get to know who lives here, you’ll probably need to know a thing or two about tackle — but this is not a fishing pond. Once you figure out where this is, you might just want to shout yee-haw. What is this place?

Little Girl Learning to Ridge Horse Getty Images

3 - Out here, it’s always fun in the sun. Out here, you may see what looks like people walking on water as they skim swiftly across the surface with a paddle in their hands. Out here, there are no loud motors to distract you from listening to the sounds of nature. Where is this?

Woman Paddle Boarding Lake Getty Images

4 - This is the best place to come if you feel like working hard for a spectacular view. To get to the top you’ll have to climb 132 stairs. Some people say that you have to summit without stopping for it to count, but you know that the journey is just as important as the destination. At the peak, you’ll have climbed over 200 feet and will be able to take in a view of two famous Colorado peaks. Where are you?

Incline Trails Getty Images

5 - This is the kind of place where people say things like “front nine” and “18 holes,” but this is not a traditional golf course. You’ll need to spin discs to do what this place was built for, but you won’t be DJing. Just completed in 2023 and easy to get to from The Canyons™, this place is well above par. What is it?

Disc Golf Course Getty Images

Did you find everything? We knew you would! We hope this scavenger hunt has introduced you to a new favorite place that you can return to again and again over the years, but we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s available to you as a resident of The Canyons™. If this has piqued the interest of your inner kid, you’ll find plenty of model homes waiting for you to visit today. Visit us today, so we can welcome you into our community of curious and engaged residents of all ages!
Answer key:
1 - The Exchange Coffee Shop
2 - Sky View Farm Horse Stable and Riding Program
3 - Rueter-Hess Reservoir
4 - Rueter-Hess Challenge Incline and Trails
5 - Pronghorn Park and Disc Golf Course

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