If the summer heat has descended on your street and all-day long lawn mowers buzz to keep the neighborhood’s immaculate lawns nice and neat, you know what time it is. That’s right: If May is for moms, then June is Dad’s time. While we know you want to find the right way to show Dad that you care, we also know that they can be notoriously difficult to shop for. The dad (or dad-like figure) in your life may already have everything he needs, but you can still make him feel appreciated with a perfect homemade gift. Read on for a few Shea Homes® favorite Father’s Day gift ideas sure to bring a smile to his face.

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My Dad, My Hero
We can all agree that it’s nice to receive a book as a gift, and there’s something especially lovely when that book is hand-crafted and penned by the burgeoning talents living in your very own home. Though this project requires a little bit of legwork, none of the individual steps are particularly challenging. After crafting a cover out of cardboard and paper, the bulk of the effort boils down to writing and illustrating this tome. Take some time to talk through the stories with your children — brainstorming exactly what about their dad they’d most like to celebrate. Perhaps there’s a specific anecdote that comes to mind, but you don’t need to stress too much about writing the next Great American Dad Fable. Let this project be not just a reflection of how great Pops is, but also a representation of who your children are right at this very moment. Nothing builds memories like something personal and sincere — we know this book is going to become an instant family classic to adorn the bookshelves in your elegant living room!

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Shave and a Nice Card, Two Bits
This easy and colorful project is especially suitable for Father’s Day, because you’ll need to use something that immediately conjures an image of fathers: thick shaving cream. With only shaving cream, watercolor paints, and smooth paper like cardstock you’ll be able to put together a kid-friendly (and only moderately messy) afternoon of entertainment whipping up marbled paper like the kind used to line the inside cover of high-quality books. After the cards have dried, invite your children to write heartfelt messages for Dad on the back. These missives are sure to live on the refrigerator or on the office desk for years to come, a token he can return to again and again to remember just how loved he is.

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Fancy a Little Summer Reading?
This next project requires a touch more work, but with effort comes the reward of a little free library. Once built, this literary repository will delight the whole family. That said, a fair amount of woodworking is involved — so you’ll definitely want to elect a tool-savvy adult to take charge. Maybe this is a project for your dad or dad-like figure to get involved in as you create quality time together? To get started, pick from one of several styles, including a modern two-story or a more rustic and cabin-like structure. If you happen to have removed a cabinet in a recent remodel, you could use it as the base structure for a breezy and boho little structure. While we’re most accustomed to seeing little free libraries in the front of the house to spread the love of literature to your neighbors, you could instead install yours in your beautiful backyard to hold family heirlooms and treasures — like the handmade book you bound for Father’s Day.

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At Shea we know how hard our residents have worked to provide for their families, and we hope these heartfelt projects help dads — and all the parental figures in your life — feel appreciated for everything they do. If you’re ready to move into a community that supports parents every day, Shea Homes® Colorado has a house perfect for every family. Give us a call today at 866-696-7432 to schedule a walkthrough!

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