After a fantastic summer of adventures, skinned knees, and neighborhood get-togethers at The Exchange Coffee House™, the start of the school year is here. We’re sure that each member of your household feels their own way about going back to school — but whether you’re ready or resistant, one thing is absolutely certain. You’re going to need to keep everyone fed, happy, and ready to tackle everything the fall throws at you! To that end, read on to discover five quick and easy low-prep meals — one for each night of the school week.
Super Easy Everything Bagel Salmon (Without the Bagel)
Bursting with healthy fats and simple to prepare, salmon is a busy parent’s best friend — and this everything-but-the-bagel salmon comes together in a jiff. Simply salt and pepper the salmon before spreading a thin layer of harissa on top (or dijon mustard, or teriyaki glaze), then sprinkle with your trusty bagel seasoning. Prep a side salad while the salmon bakes and add bagel chips if you want to nod to the lox bagel this meal takes inspiration from — you’ll feel like you're grabbing brunch at your favorite local weekend spot in no time! 

Baked Salmon Getty Images

TikTok-Famous Baked Feta Pasta
If you (or your teen) spent any time on TikTok in 2020, we’re sure you encountered this quick and creamy baking dish pasta. With acidic/umami pops of cherry tomatoes and a whole block of creamy feta, this dish becomes the complete package once you add your pasta of choice. One of the best parts about this one is that it’s an infinitely revisable base recipe — try mixing it up by adding caramelized shallots or experimenting with different proteins to bring a little variety to this well-loved classic. We adore how this dish will fill your gorgeous kitchen with savory aromas as it cooks!

Baked Feta Pasta Getty Images

Egg Roll Chop
Packed with cabbage and carrots — which are both full of vitamin C, vitamin K, and excellent for digestion — plus plenty of other tasty veggies and ground turkey breast, this egg roll in a bowl recipe will ensure your kids have all the nutrients they need to get them through civics class and track practice. When your family is craving iconic Chinese or Vietnamese dishes, this meal is absolutely delicious and will be ready way faster than delivery. It’s also incredibly versatile: The flavor profile works with whatever veggies and proteins happen to be family favorites this week! 

Egg Roll in a Bowl Getty Images

Set-It-and-Forget-It Instant Pot Lentil Soup
Big news, veg-heads: This lentil soup is the easiest meal in the lineup (and it doesn’t skimp on flavor one bit). All you really need to do is chop soup staples like carrots, celery, onion, and garlic. Then just pop your chopped veggies in the Instant Pot with two protein-packed cups of dried lentils, tomato sauce, and your broth of choice — then you’re good to go! Ten minutes of pressure-cooking later and you’ll have steamy, stewy, savory vegetable goodness. This is healthy comfort food at its very best! 

Lentil Soup Getty Images

Cozy and Rich Pork Marsala with Mushrooms
The last meal in the list takes a little more prep, but not even that much! Made rich with fortified wine (though all the alcohol is cooked off), this pork marsala with mushrooms is a fantastic way to round out a busy week. Plate it with egg pasta or mashed potatoes — or both, if you’re feeling fancy! — and settle into a well-earned weekend with the family. Protip: Feel free to make extra because leftovers of this dish freeze especially well!

Pork Marsala Getty Images

Delicious! These meals are sure to keep your kiddos moving and shaking all through the school year — and you’ll have more ability to decompress thanks to all the time you’ll save with these straightforward recipes. If your foodie family prioritizes time spent together in the kitchen,  The Canyons™ is the perfect fit for your next chapter — we’d love to see you move into our friendly master-planned community! Visit today and learn more about this truly special place.

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