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May is National Moving Month and the start of the moving season, which could also be the start of a hectic summer. No matter if you’re moving into our new community The Reserves at Storyrock or completely moving across the country, it can be stressful to haul your entire life into trucks. To ease the moving process, here are five tips that will make your life a little bit easier when the day comes.
First things First: Get Rid of Clutter
Before you do anything, make sure to do a sweep of the entire home and throw out things you don’t need. This is a great way to analyze everything you have before you pack, and you can start a new chapter knowing that you don’t have any unnecessary clutter. A garage sale is also an efficient way of removing stuff you don’t want to bring, and you can donate the rest.
Moving Services
Each person is different when it comes to how they want to move. Some like to do it themselves and rent a truck, others prefer to hire a moving company to do it for them. Regardless, make sure to look at all rental and moving options that fit within your budget before making a decision. It’s also important to look at each company’s policies before signing any contract—will they provide insurance if your items are damaged? Are you responsible for gas? Does their timeline work with yours? 

Couple Moving a Rug

Create a Checklist
Making a checklist can help you stay organized before moving day. You can start by organizing what companies you’re utilizing to help you move and schedule that in advance. Then create a list of things that can be packed up first and what can be packed closer to moving day. Remember to label your boxes with what is inside in case you need something you thought you wouldn’t. A checklist can keep you on task and be ready in advance before the move.
Moving Supplies
Double check you have all the supplies you need for packing including but not limited to, cardboard boxes, packing tape, scissors, protective blankets, bubble wrap and markers for labeling. You still might need these things on the day of the move, so pack them last so they are accessible. If you have extra suitcases, you can utilize them to pack heavier things that can be wheeled out to the truck or car.  For items that are fragile, make sure to label them so the movers or you are aware.

Couple Taping Boxes

Pack an Accessible Bag or Box for Moving Day
Your new home will be filled with boxes you’re too tired to unpack. To be ready for the first night, have an overnight bag or box packed for essentials you might need—an extra change of clothes, toiletries, important documents, chargers, snacks, water bottles, paper towels, soap, toilet paper, garbage bags and any other items you need will help ease stress. That way you don’t need to figure out which boxes have your essentials once you arrive.

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Shea Homes®’ Quick Move-In Homes
Shea Homes’ Quick Move-In Homes are new build homes that can be bought and moved into sooner and are also available for in-person tours. There are no time-consuming completion schedules, and you can move into your home fast. You might even be able to pick out certain features for your home, depending on the construction stage.
If you are still looking for homes that are ready to move in or near completion, check out Shea Homes Quick Move-In Homes page to find homes near you.

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