As gorgeous as Colorado winters can be with their snow-swept vistas and peerless blue skies, our wildly fluctuating temperatures and moisture can take a significant toll on buildings in our beloved home state. While Shea Homes® has given you a perfect head start toward protecting your home against winter’s bite — thanks to our construction methods that promote energy efficiency in all seasons — there are still some measures you can take to ensure that this upcoming frosty season is as stress-free for you and yours as humanly possible. Read on for a few insider tips that will have you ready for the chilly months to come!
Tidy and Prep Gardens for Frost
Historical trends suggest that the Denver Metro Area’s first frost usually arrives around October 1 — give or take a few weeks. In preparation for the end of the planting and harvesting season, you should spend a little time making sure that your gorgeous backyard garden is ready for the fallow period by gathering and cleaning your tools and materials. Garden tools left out or stored wet will be far less effective next year, a fate that can be avoided by making sure that they’re kept safely out of the elements and free of rust or decay. You could also take this time to sharpen and oil blades and spades so they’re in tip-top shape come spring. Once you’ve gathered up all your supplies, you’ll be able to prep plant beds by removing diseased flora and leaving the rest to shelter the soil after they’ve died back. Top it all off with Colorado-specific soil amendments and a layer of mulch and your garden will be healthier than ever next summer! 

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Plant Trees and Bulbs
Is the idea of breaking down your garden making you anxious? We understand entirely. The good news for the garden-inclined is that many plants actually prefer to be tended to in the late summer — and even as late as the first frost. Now that all of your perennial bulbs and corms have flowered, it’s a perfect time to dig them up, break apart their root structures, and replant to encourage healthy spring blooms. Additionally, planting garlic in the fall will yield a spring crop that could last you through all of next year’s canning and pickling projects. Finally: Though it may seem counterintuitive to plant trees in the late summer and early fall, late season planting benefits the trees in numerous ways and sets them up for a full season of healthy growth come next year’s warm days. 

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Clean the Gutters 
Although it’s not the most pleasant chore, cleaning out your gutters is easily one of the most important things you can do to keep your beautiful home warm and dry throughout the colder months. Backed up gutters easily overflow, leaking water that can damage walls and basements — but this task is easier than ever to wrangle and can be completed with both feet planted firmly and safely on the ground. Who knew you were such an independent DIY home improver?

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Add a Fresh Coat
While you could certainly keep your home warm this summer by drawing the curtains tight, we think it would be a shame to miss out on the ever-changing Colorado nature just outside your windows. Luckily, applying a fresh coat of paint to your home before winter not only increases the property value, but it also works to keep warm air inside your home — lowering heating costs and allowing you to keep your blinds open all season long. 

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New Shea Homes® models are being built in communities across the Centennial State that are sure to keep you and your family warm for many years to come — especially when you roll up your sleeves and invest a little elbow grease into the longevity of your home. Give us a call today at 866-696-7432 to talk about your future in one of our beautiful and welcoming houses! We can hardly wait to see you fall in love with your Colorado oasis.

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