Design Your New Home with a Virtual Home Building Software

Virtual advancements have changed the way potential homebuyers search for their dream home. In fact, since February of 2020, virtual home tours have increased by 408%. With increased demand for online homebuying comes new resources to provide immersive digital experiences that allow you to bring your dream home to life. That’s why at Shea Homes, we’ve partnered with Roomored to offer buyers access to a first of its kind, realistic 3D visualization design platform that will allow buyers to visualize their future home. We are excited to launch Roomored's innovative design platform companywide in 2022. The platform and features discussed in this article will be coming to your Shea Homes Design Studio in the near future!

Personalized Design Finishes 

What flooring will look good in my home? How will the colors in my kitchen complement each other? Would a patterned backsplash make the room pop? Roomored helps take the guesswork out of visualizing the design of your Shea home both for home shoppers and buyers by allowing them to view design options that are often hard to visualize, such as flooring, countertops, tile, cabinets and more.

For home shoppers, our new Roomored virtual tours on our web site offer a selection of designer-curated inspirations featuring some of our most popular styles allowing home shoppers to get an idea of what personalization options may be available to them. Roomored also allows shoppers to save inspirations they like and have those inspirations emailed to them for future reference.

Using Roomored for the Design Studio, our home buyers will have the opportunity to further personalize their home by selecting individual finishes from our entire catalog of design options such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, appliances and more – all online before ever stepping into the Shea Design Studio. What makes the Roomored solution different is that buyers will make these selections while viewing the actual home plan they’ve purchased. For example, rather than seeing how the selected design finishes look in a photo of a generic kitchen, home buyers will see how those design finishes look in the actual kitchen that will be in their new home. Buyers will be able to visualize their new home with selected finishes room by room, all from the comfort of their existing home, as they prepare to meet with a Shea Homes designer. Once in the Design Studio, our team will use Roomored to review the selections with the buyer making recommendations and updates during their appointment.

Virtual Modeling Technology

Over the past year, homeowners and homebuyers have realized how vastly home design can impact their day to day at-home lifestyle. We wanted to find a way to make the Design Studio process as easy and streamlined as possible, so that home buyers can get an accurate visual representation of their exact floor plan with available design options such as cabinets, countertops and flooring. 

Unlike other home design solutions that rely on photo composting to visualize colors and finishes on items such as cabinets and countertops, Roomored uses first of its kind proprietary 3D modeling technology to more accurately virtually represent the design finishes in your new home. Taking some of the guesswork out of the design process will help buyers feel more confident in their design choices. 

Roomored Coming Soon To Select Communities

Currently, we have rolled out Roomored to our new San Diego area communities , Trilogy at Sunstone in Las Vegas, Trilogy Valor near Boise, Trilogy Lake Norman near Charlotte, and Trilogy at Lake Frederick in Northern VA with plans to expand to other communities throughout the year. We’ll also be implementing the Roomored platform in our Design Studios, which will give buyers an even better experience while personalizing their home with our team of designers. We are excited to give our homebuyers the opportunity to truly visualize their future home. If you’re eager to learn more about Roomored’s capabilities, visit their website,, or start your home search with Shea now!

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