There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are beginning to change, and it’s time to welcome the cozy allure of autumn into your home. In this blog post, we’ll look at a range of intriguing fall design trends that you can easily incorporate into any space of your Shea home. From earthy color palettes to warm and delightful accents, there are plenty of ways to embrace the enchanting essence of the season!

Embrace Earthy Colors
As the world outside starts to change colors, consider bringing earthy hues indoors, such as burnt oranges, rich browns, and soft greens—like this home at Novato at Del Sol— to create a harmonious connection with nature. Whether you’re adding an earth-colored throw pillow, wooden furniture in natural tones, or even a fall-inspired accent wall, you can create an atmosphere that feels rustic, cozy, and inviting.

living room

Add Some Texture
When it comes to fall interior design, don’t forget about textured fabrics! From plush velvet cushions to chunky knit throws, incorporating varying materials and patterns in textiles adds depth, warmth, and character to your decor. Mixing and matching textures is an easy and effective way to create layered looks that invite touch, relaxation, and the opportunity to truly enjoy this comfy and inviting season.

primary bedroom with white paneled walls

Illuminate Your Space
Transforming your favorite space into a fall sanctuary is as easy as changing your lighting. Say goodbye to harsh bulbs, and invest in warm-toned lights that will bathe your home in beautiful golden hues. Consider going for a vintage look with candles and lanterns. This will not only have your guests feeling cozy, but will leave them with a glowing impression of your home that lingers well into the night.

kitchen with grey cabinets two islands and hanging pendants

Hello, Mother Nature
One of the easiest ways to capture the beauty of fall is by bringing the outdoors in. Nature-inspired decor, such as wreaths made of dried leaves, flowers, and pinecones, are a great way to showcase the season’s rich palette and breathe life into any room. Alternatively, you can achieve the same effect with artwork featuring autumn landscapes or centerpieces adorned with fall colors and designs. With these elements, you are ready to invite loved ones into your home for your next harvest get-together.

fall wreath with mini pumpkins

Cozy Retreats
Transform your home into a haven of intimacy and comfort by creating cozy nooks and relaxation corners. Picture a snuggly chair, adorned with plush cushions and throws in shades of browns, greens, and greys, inviting you to unwind and recharge. Whether you’re warming up with a cup of tea, losing yourself in a good book, or browsing your favorite social media sites, these personal nooks offer the perfect spot to embrace the feelings of autumn.

throw pillows and book on top of cozy blanket

Are you ready to infuse the magic of fall into your home? Explore our SoCal communities for more decor inspiration. 


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