What is a Flex Room?

A flex room is essentially an area in your house that can be customized and used for a number of different functions. Flex rooms are designed to be flexible and can be entire rooms or an area in your home that can be utilized in different ways throughout your time and life there.

We build these spaces into our floorplans so that homeowners can customize their living space to better fit their different interests, lifestyles and evolving life stages. This is your chance to create a space that you love to return to, and will wow your guests when you give them a tour. Flex room uses can go from extended patios to second master suites and game rooms to reading nooks, incorporating a flex space into the layout of your new home will allow you to further customize your Shea Home to fit your family’s needs and interests.


One of the many benefits of having a flex space or flex room is that you can update and transform the space to fit your stage of life and lifestyle. That's why flex rooms offer a variety of uses and design options. Need flex room ideas? Here are some ways that Shea homeowners can use their flex rooms.

1. A Hobby Room

Flex Room Design for art hobby with a desk, chandelier and white walls

You can finally have a space dedicated purely to your passion. Let your creativity flow with this decorating idea. Whether you are an artist, a fitness enthusiast, or a collector, flex rooms provide a special area in your home that is soley dedicated to your favorite hobby.

2. An Office or Study Area

Flex Room under stairs area used as home office with desk

Let’s face it, no one truly leaves all of their work at the office. By turning a flex space into a home office or library, you will have a place where you can focus when you need to work late to meet a deadline or decide to work from home for the day. It can also provide teens who need a spot to noodle on their best ideas and away from any other distractions. Giving them their own area in the home to focus will increase their motivation, productivity, and get the creative juices flowing.

Looking for ways to decorate your office space to have an open feel?

Instead of hiding your work stuff behind clunky closed cabinets and drawers, put it on display. Not only will it keep you accountable to maintain organization, but you can style it to make it look like sophisticated home decor. Start with a freestanding bookcase and add ornately framed photos of your friends and family, cute knick-knacks, and trays and file boxes to hold your important documents.

The space you save could result in room enough for your own cushy lounge area perfect for breaks and much-needed “you” time. Having a dedicated, separate space for your creative outlet, office work, or bills will help you “turn off” and wind down at the end of the day, so you can truly enjoy your home life.

If you already have a home office or study and you need some extra room for a guest, learn how to turn your flex room into a guest room.

3. An Entertainment Room

Flex Room design for an entertainment area with screens and pool table

Turn your flex room into a space dedicated to having fun! This type of use for a flex area provides several fun decorating ideas. Make your home the perfect place for entertaining by creating your own billiards room, or a private movie theater. By having a separate entertainment space, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the rest of the family when you break during a game of pool, or when you want to watch an action movie late at night. On top of that, your home will quickly become the gathering place for all your friends!

4. A Reading Nook

Flex Room design for reading area with two gray chairs and a bookshelf

Flex rooms do not have to be a place to be loud, they can also be a place for peace and quiet. Whether you dedicate a whole room or just a section of a room, create that personal relaxing space where you can go to unwind with a good book. Another great flex room idea is to dedicate this area for a children's study place. Kids areas offer more decorating and design options.

5. An Extra Living Room or Bedroom

Flex Room used as living area with paintings, several windows and a white table

Flex rooms can also help ease the stress of having several people living under your roof. Millennials who are living with extra roommates can use the space as a bedroom. Multi-generational families, those who have grandparents or their adult children living with them, can use the space as an extra living room or lounge to escape to when the main living room is too crowded. No matter what stage of life, flex rooms allow you to be surrounded by the people you love, while giving you extra space. Are you ready to give your flex room a new use?

6. Loft Space

Langston Plan 3 Loft

We love an open, airy, and super cool loft space to work with! And there’s SO MUCH you can do with all of that extra room. Homework area, office space, media room, craft room, home gym...the sky's the limit and you have full creative reign. Need some inspiration? Click HERE for more ideas!

Whether you’re in need of a secluded place to be productive, chill out, or have a craft session, you’ll be happy that the extra space is prepared for whatever you need it to be.

Personalize Your Shea Home

Shea provides many options for personalizing your home and having a flex area in your home will allow you to create the home your life demands now while considering how you will welcome change over the years. 

Prioritize a large home office over having multiple bedrooms, turn an unfinished basement into a recreation or media room, or add a guest suite into your layout.

Ready to start designing your dream home? Comment below on what flex space you’d like most and start exploring our different communities or contact one of our New Home Advisors to learn more about a specific home’s floorplan, and learn about how you can personalize your Shea Home to create the perfect home for you.


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