Cooking for a large family gathering, a party of two, or just for yourself?  Herbs can make a big difference in the flavor of meals you make without adding fat. Many even offer healthy benefits.  But purchasing the perfect amount of herbs, without having too much or not enough, can be a challenge.

A fun and cheap solution to this problem is to simply grow your own herbs! Not only will having you own source curb your quantity problem, but you will have the freshest herbs at your fingertips. Maintenance is easy, and you can save trips to the grocery store. You can grow a variety of herbs indoors that will both liven your meals and your décor.

To get started. Decide what herbs you want to grow and locate them at a local nursery, greenhouse or gardening department of a retail company. Make sure to check the seed packets you are purchasing to see that they aren’t expired.

Potting and planting. Potting is probably the most creative part that can really give your home interior some character. If you choose not to buy traditional gardening pots, you can give your indoor herbs some real flair by planting them in cans or containers. Check out some unique potting ideas at Under The Table and Dreaming Blog. Be sure to read the instructions for each type of seed in order to get the correct amount and type of soil.

Sunlight. Depending on the herb you choose to grow, choose a spot in your home with the appropriate amount of sunlight for each plant. This can be found on the seed packets. If you can’t find a spot with the right amount of light, you can buy and install a fluorescent light to help the herbs grow indoors.

H20. Most importantly, make sure you water your herbs regularly according to instructions! Each packet will disclose how much water should be added, but generally, you want to give just enough water to keep the soil moist. Remember, over watering can be just as harmful as under watering.

Here are a few suggestions for easy indoor herb growing. Follow the links to see general details and how to grow each herb.

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