Spring is well under way, and it’s already too hot in Arizona to even think about turning your oven on. It’s time to uncover, clean up, and refuel your grills just in time for summer. Now this may be your first or 100th time grilling, but it’s always important to practice grill safety to prevent any accidents and get you prepared for your long-awaited summer.

Manning the Grill

DO clean your grill. Cleaning your grill before each use is the best practice to avoid a buildup of grease. Doing so will prevent health concerns as well as a potential grease fire. No one wants to be that backyard grill party that had to call the fire department and ruin the day!
DON’T place your grill too close to the house. Your grill should be a minimum of 3 feet away from the walls of your home to prevent a fire. Shea Homes’ spacious backyards provide plenty of perfect spots to host your grill. Also, we’d just like to point out, under no circumstances should you use your grill in the house. Carbon monoxide poisoning is quite serious, and we don’t think there is a singular steak actually “to die for.”
DO have sand, water, or a fire extinguisher on standby just in case. You never know when you’ll have an unexpected flare-up, and you won’t have to freak out and scramble to find something to calm it with. If you’re using a gas grill, shutting the hood of the grill will put out the fire and prevent it from growing. 


Group BBQ

DON’T hang decorations or flowers above or near your grill. Sure, it may look nice for the time being, but they’ll go up in flames faster than you think possible with just a small spark. While we are on this topic, try to prevent animals and children from being near the grill, and be sure to avoid wearing loose clothing. 

DO check for gas leaks. Propane tanks are easy to check for leaks. Even if you don’t smell gas, check the gas line for any kind of damage like cracks or cuts. By coating the line in a mixture of soap and water, the line should bubble when the gas is on if there is a leak. Turn off the propane immediately and call 9-1-1 if there is a leak.
DON’T leave your grill unattended. It’s kind of like when you’re putting gas in your car. Your grill shouldn’t leave your eyeline because you’re cooking something else in the house. Bring what you need outside so you aren’t making multiple trips. Besides, you don’t want to risk serving dry chicken!
DO use a meat thermometer. Listen, we get it; you look cooler when you can eyeball your food to see when it’s done, but better to be safe from giving your family or guests food poisoning from undercooked hamburgers. Trust us, use the thermometer to impress everyone with perfect, medium burgers!
DON’T forget to have fun. It’s nearly summer (but feels like it’s already here), and it’s time to break out the bags (if you say cornhole, it’s up for debate), boards, and swimsuits. Invite your friends and family to your now infamous parties, but remember, we don’t want to turn the party into another statistic on the news! Happy Grilling!
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