Whether it was the Jetson’s high-tech home of the future or Tony Starks’ AI controlled Malibu mansion, home automation has been the lofty goal for convenience-seeking homeowners everywhere for years. The downside? These technologies can be cost-prohibitive, difficult to install, and the results aren’t always the sleek, intuitive solution homeowners are hoping for.

Now Shea Homes® Arizona has partnered with Deako Smart Lighting to bring simple, easy-to-use, beautiful automation to one of our newest communities, Origin at Gateway Quarter. This streamlined and affordable smart lighting solution provides an easy upgrade for consumers looking to move into a house of tomorrow (robot butler not included).

So what can you do with Deako Smart Lighting? Turn on all your lights when you get home with the press of a button. Shut everything off as you leave with the press of another. Light the route back to your bedroom. Put your fans on a schedule. And that’s just to start. A few minutes in the Deako app, and you’ll be set for years of convenience.

Here’s the scoop: each Deako smart switch works the same as their simple switches – press in to turn on, press again to turn off. Smart switches, like the one above, will illuminate with an LED backlit touchscreen upon contact. Each smart switch comes with three completely customizable “scenes” for you to toy with. Imagine having a smart switch right beside your front door. As you leave you press the 3, and every light in your home turns off in an instant. No more running from room to room to make sure the kids turned off their lamps. Or you return to a darkened home after a night out and press the 1 to light up the entry hall, kitchen, and master bedroom. Press 2, and your outside lights click on with a two-hour timer. Through the app for iOS and Android, you can tweak your scenes to fit your lifestyle.

Do you remember when you had dimmer switches installed? How you had to take the day off work to wait for the electrician, who fiddled with breakers and boxes and faceplates for hours? With Deako’s modular system, there’s none of that. Simply pop the no-screw faceplate off, pull out the simple switch, and click the smart switch into place. Five seconds, no sweat, no hassle.

With the dimmer option, it’s easy to adjust the lighting with a swipe of your finger (The most literal electric slide you’ll ever do. Boogie woogie woogie). It’s easy to create a scene for something like movie night: one press and all the lights in the rest of your home go dark, while the kitchen light dims to 10% and the fans kick into high gear. The options are endless. Put fans and lights on an automatic shut-off timer. Keep the lights dimmed low for a midnight bathroom run. Turn on lights from your phone when you’re working late to deter burglars (or just to mess with the kids if you’re that kind of parent).

Those looking to take things a step further will be glad to know their Deako smart switches with a bridge component are Alexa and Google Home ready. “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights,” will be your new favorite sentence when you’re attempting to bring in all two dozen grocery bags at once.

After a week with Deako smart lighting, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Check out Deako’s website, or come by the models at Origin at Gateway Quarter to see the difference for yourself.

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