Hints of spring are in the air... what else is?

Your home tends to experience a bit more traffic in the winter, and with that increased traffic comes more dust, dirt, and other allergens.  You want to start spring fresh, so it’s time to freshen the air in your home.  Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

Deep Clean Your Furniture
  • Couch cushions most likely only get removed when you’re on a search for a fallen remote, or a swallowed cell phone; but try giving these crevices a deep clean. Remove all your couch cushions and vacuum. Really get in there, try to reach every crevice, nook, and cranny. This will help to eliminate accumulated dust and dirt, plus who knows what hidden treasures you might find along the way.

  • Take your cushion covers off and wash them according to the tags directions. If you have a leather sofa use a manufacturer approved leather cleaning solution to get rid of any build up.

  • Lift up your furniture, we know…the couch is heavy, but in our mission to eliminate dirt and dust this step is crucial. The spaces underneath furniture may be harboring dust and dirt fugitives, don’t let them linger.

Go Straight To The Source
  • You’ve been blasting warm air all winter long and it is almost certainly time for a new air filter so make sure to get this replaced regularly.

  • You may want to take it a step further and seek a professional air duct cleaning. Bacteria, mold, and other allergens can accumulate in these and you don’t want them to continue to spread throughout your home. An easy way to check for this is to see how much dust has gathered on your air vents. If you find a pile of dust bunnies it’s time to call in the pros.

  • Consider an air purifier; these can be stand alone or professionally installed directly into your air vents. With either option make sure to replace the filters regularly to ensure effectiveness.

Don't Forget To Look Down
  • Your floors have most certainly been through a lot this winter- melted snow, mud, that new puppy you got the kids; whatever the case may be. There are things that our vacuums just can’t clean sometimes. Think about renting a carpet cleaner or call in some professionals. Your carpet deserves it.

At Shea Homes we love going green.

You can go green too on your air mission. Many indoor plants help to keep the air fresh. Some of our favorites include English ivy and the peace lily. If you can, incorporate these into your home. Not only are they good for freshening the air they also make a space feel a little more alive. Check out our Pinterest page for more examples of air freshening plants and a little “pinspiration”.

Share your tips and tricks to clean your homes air in the comments section below. Think it’s impossible to clear the air in your home? Start fresh and build a brand new one.

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