More and more every year, it seems like kids’ return to school comes sooner than expected. While the beginning of the school year may still be weeks away, you can save everyone last-minute anxiety by preparing early. Check out these tips to keep the first day of school stress-free for you and your little ones too!

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Early preparation
We’ve all experienced the disappointment of arriving at a store, school supply list in hand, only to find the shelves already depleted or bare. Avoid the disappointment of sold-out supplies by shopping weeks or months in advance. As a special treat, let your kiddos pick out one special item to get them excited for the new school year — like a folder with a funky pattern or a cool new backpack.

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Setting up your space
Your kids’ new school supplies need a new home! Consider using a room in your spacious Shea home as a station dedicated solely to homework, like this airy loft in the Emerson floorplan at The Canyons. Use storage and organization space wisely to keep clutter to a minimum — try labeling boxes and containers with their contents using a label maker. To keep busy overlapping schedules straight, create a color-coded chart with each family member’s plans designated by a different color.

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The week before
As the first day of school looms closer on the calendar, it’s time to start tweaking your summertime schedule to your school year routine. To avoid sleepy students on the first day of school, begin gradually adjusting bedtimes and wake-up calls by intervals of a half hour or so. Begin talking to your kids about the upcoming school year — their new schedule, teachers, after-school activities, and academic responsibilities. To avoid classroom confusion, put a face to your children’s new teachers’ names. Consider how to introduce yourself and your kiddo — what are three things you want to know about their teacher, and three things to know about your little one? A personal relationship with your child’s teacher can ease the sudden transition back to school.

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The night before
The day is almost here! The night before their first day, kids need lots of rest to function at their best. Avoid a morning rush by prepping school lunches the night prior; get your kids involved in this process by helping them pick out clothes and shoes for the next day. Don’t forget a healthy breakfast — like oatmeal with bananas or berries — and a refillable water bottle to keep them hydrated!

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While the beginning of a new academic year can be daunting, early preparation and consistency can ease the transition back to school days. Get organized in the spacious comfort of your Shea home and make the next grade a breeze!

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