At Shea Homes®, one of our favorite parts about our home state is how nature is at the heart of Colorado living. The Canyons™ embraces its majestic surroundings, a philosophy reflected throughout the community. With the sun setting later each day and the promise of warmer months to come, you might be planning ways to experience the outdoors. Lucky for you, we’ve collected four tips for better camping trips this summer.
Plan Your Trip
While many enjoy spontaneous Colorado weekend escapes into nature, planning can help you avoid complications or disappointments. Keep track of the most critical details, like knowing where you plan to set up camp, what the parking situation is, and the demand for the time of year. If you’re heading to a popular campground, having a backup option nearby can save you some heartache if every spot is already taken when you arrive. Even if you don’t plan on exploring at night, packing just-in-case items like a throw blanket and flashlight could make your getaway more comfortable.

Tent Camping

Keep Things Cool
Depending on whether you camp in the mountains or out on the plains, you will need to prepare for variable weather. As you pack, make sure you include plenty of layers to make it easier to adjust your temperature. If you’re tent camping in an open area without shade, consider taking the tent down during the middle of the day to avoid trapped heat.

Couple Dog Car Camping

Stock Up, Then Head Out
Before you embark on your next camping trip, make sure you pack the essentials and pull out all that extra gear you keep in the plentiful storage in your home at The Canyons. Remember to bring lots of water to stay hydrated under the beautiful Colorado sun — and don’t forget extra snacks for your scenic drive to the campsite! Prepare the foods you can before leaving home and freeze perishable items and beverages you want to remain cold.

Camping Gear

Enjoy the Journey
No matter where you plan to pitch your tent, Colorado has so many cultural attractions to visit between your home and destination. When looking over your road trip route, think about fun places where you can stop along the way. Drive along the Royal Gorge for breath-taking mountain views or stop by nearby Manitou Springs to check out cliff dwellings and learn about Colorado history. Even if you just want an area to stretch your legs for a few minutes, choosing a path that takes you along some of the gorgeously varied terrain of the West makes for a beautiful way to start and end a vacation.

Royal Gorge Bridge Colorado

Regardless of where your next Colorado adventure takes you, with these tips you’ll be prepared and make the most of your time off. Your home at The Canyons positions you in an ideal location for some of Colorado’s most sought after camping areas. What’s first on your list?

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