When you buy a Shea home, gorgeous design and tremendous value are automatically included in your purchase. You’ll find customizable options that were thoughtfully crafted to suit your family’s particular needs and style. Enhance your home further after you purchase — and make it truly distinctive — by adding a unique installation. Here, we’ll share our favorite ideas to inspire you to take it to the next level. 

Wine Cellar
Begin by considering which kinds of wine you’ll be storing — and how long they’ll need to be stored. You may want to consult the professionals at your local bottle shop to get an idea of what kind of space your vino needs. Generally, a cool (about 55 degrees), dark, and dry place will work perfectly. Your cellar will need to control the humidity — so when installing drywall, framing, and insulation, be sure each material will help your cause rather than hinder it. A wine cooler can also help control the room’s humidity, so you’ll want to research cost-effective options before getting to work. When it comes to lighting, opt for LED lights — since they barely produce any heat, they’re perfect for your cellar. As you add to your collection over the years, plan for your storage space to expand, too: Be on the lookout for adjustable shelving that will allow you to make rearrangements as you go. 

Whispering Pines Woodlands Timber Ridge Finished Basement
Timber Ridge Finished Basement

Book Nook
Book nook isn’t just fun to say — they’re also fun to use. Options like the Solstice Collections by Shea Homes Colorado offer spacious floorplans perfect for getting creative. Easily install a small oasis around a large window in your home: With a few curtains or bed sheets, creating a private tent is a breeze! Convert extra closet space into a library-style book nook, where simple shelving and bold colors can create a gorgeous alcove dedicated to your favorite pastime. The beauty of book nooks is that they don’t require a lot of space — but if the bookworm in your family has a hefty collection, they can be installed into a large room as well. Be sure to choose sturdy shelving to hold your collection safely! To enjoy a reading marathon, install a wooden half-arch for a hideaway perfect for your little ones, or choose a luxe and comfy chair to get cozy among your tomes. 

Window Seat
It’s all about location, location, location — so naturally you should start by choosing the perfect window for your bench. Fortunately, Shea Homes features thoughtful design to help make custom installations easier — explore available floorplans at our stunning Canyons community nestled in Castle Pines, Colorado. When it comes to your window seat, opt for furniture — like wall cabinets — that you can assemble in a few steps rather than methodically building piece-by-piece. Pre-constructed cabinets make it easier for you to install them, attach the seat, and paint the unit — then you’ll be able to focus on removing the baseboards and customizing the furniture for the window you’ve chosen. Add gorgeous curtains, lighting, paint, and pillows for a cozy bench you’ll want to lounge on all year long!

Canyons Enclave Lounge
Enclave Study/Lounge

Home Theater
At Reunion just north of Denver, you’ll find floorplans that include flexible uses of space — perfect for your luxurious home theater installation. First, consider your needs, such as the amount of seating and size of the screen desired. Go beyond the traditional theater setup and get creative by including large chairs, ottomans, and fluffy pillows for additional seating. You may want to consult professionals when planning for safe wiring, setting up your technical equipment, and insulating your space properly to avoid overheating. Fortunately, decorating is the fun part. Add utilities — like a popcorn machine or small refrigerator — to house your snacks. After all, going to the movies is as much about the treats as it is the cinema!
Shea homes feature modern design where fun meets functionality, and where you’ll find one-of-a-kind floorplans that allow you to maximize your space and create a home as special as your family. Contact us with any questions — and remember to tag us on Instagram to share photos of your new home installations!

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