March can be a confusing month in Colorado: Though the days are getting longer and warmer, spring snow flurries are common and can quickly throw a wrench into any sun seeker’s well-laid plans. Luckily, anyone who lives in a Colorado Shea Homes® community benefits from the state’s abundant sunshine. Why not set aside a little time during this in-between month to bring some green inside? These three flora-forward projects are sure to spark joy as we count down the days until summer.

Mounted Staghorn Fern Wall Display
Requiring nothing but a little elbow grease and a handful of common household tools, these staghorn fern wall displays combine cabin-chic with Shea-sleek. Unless you’re already a houseplant savant, you’ll likely need to head to the plant store for a few crucial (but inexpensive) materials — like moss and a mounting board. With supplies in hand, assembly shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes, leaving plenty of time for you to sit back and admire your charming new decor. And if by the time you get to the greenhouse you start to feel a little overwhelmed by the process, they’re likely to have their own pre-assembled displays for sale. We won’t tell!

Staghorn Fern Getty Images

The Whimsical Greenthumb’s Fairy Garden
Do you find yourself getting lost in daydreams about the garden you’ll create this summer? Planning, to the inch, where you’ll plant the lavender and lupines just as soon as we stop getting frost? We promise that the warm months are coming, but in the meantime try redirecting some of that anticipation into thoughtfully designing a delightful indoor fairy garden. To start you’ll need to fill a wide-bottomed container with soil, but from there the rest is largely up to you. Use your well-honed eye to select plants of various sizes, shapes, and colors as well as a few charming accessories to arrange into a delightful scene. A frog prince beating the heat at his summer chalet? Sure! A family of gnomes harvesting their miniature crops? Why not! This project is also a perfect opportunity to collaborate with your kiddos, working together to build a whimsical landscape that incorporates everyone’s ideas. When it comes time to plant flowers in front of your lovely home at The Canyons™, perhaps your fairy garden will provide the additional inspiration you need to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Fairy Garden Getty Images

A Terrarium… and a Night Light?
Have you ever thought to yourself: “I love my houseplants, but I wish they were also a night light?” This super-creative terrarium nightlight project has us intrigued. By “planting” a waterproof LED light alongside a small tropical plant in reindeer moss, you can turn a normal terrarium into something with a little more pizzazz that extends the daylight sun into the night hours. Worried that this light could disrupt your plant’s natural diurnal schedule? No need to fret: The inventor of this bright project notes that it would take considerably more light to cause any damage to your beloved leafy friends.

Succulent Garden Glass Terrarium Getty Images

With all this new flora brightening up your home, surely summer won’t feel so far away. No matter whether your design taste gravitates toward the rustic or the snazzy, we just know you’ll love incorporating these projects into your sunny Shea® home — especially when it means you can spend quality time with those you love most. Go forth and grow, greenthumbs! And be sure to tag us on social media if you post any pictures of your cool projects.

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