Live the Difference™ in a Shea Home: How to Spark Joy in Your Closet

Marie Kondo has become a household name, thanks to the hit Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Her innovative method of decluttering and organizing spaces in the home (the KonMari Method™) has changed the way people approach the seemingly daunting task of tidying up by asking one simple, yet powerful question: Does it spark joy?

Getting ready for another work day can produce feelings of stress and anxiety (we’ve all been there) and dealing with a disheveled closet every morning can feed into those negative feelings. As part of our new Lifestyle Series to promote happy and healthy living in your Shea home, we partnered with Tricia Fidler, a KonMari Method™ Platinum Certified Consultant of Heywood Park Collective, to show prospective Shea homebuyers and current homeowners how to turn a chaotic closet into a stress-free and functional space.

Ready to conjure up some KonMari magic?
Here are Tricia’s 8 Tips For Creating a Calm and Organized Closet:

1. Curate/declutter by subcategory after pulling all clothes out to “joy check.” The basic premise of the KonMari Method™ is to shift your perspective from what to get rid of, to a perspective where you choose what to keep. As you sift through each article of clothing, ask yourself, “does this bring me joy?”

2. Keep “like with like.” Of course when decluttering and organizing, it is logical to keep sweaters with sweaters and jeans with jeans, but like with like means taking it to the next level. Once your sweaters are all in one spot, organize them by color, occasion, and style. Have a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters? Keep those together, as well as your solid sweaters, patterned sweaters, etc. Also, it can be helpful to store by fabric weight as well. So heavier knits on the left moving to lighter knits on the right if you are hanging, and in separate baskets or drawers if folding.

KonMari Fold
KonMari Fold

3. The KonMari Method™ Fold. As creatures of habit, we tend to lose our patience when it comes to tidying and putting things away. Practicing the art of the KonMari Method™ folding technique is a HUGE game changer and will make finding your clothing items less of a hassle, versus folding in a stack or bunching everything together and shoving them into your drawer! By taking the time to fold clothing in this way, you are reconnecting with what you own and you can see if clothing is in need of repair, or if it’s something you still enjoy. Learn more about the KonMari folding technique on Marie Kondo’s YouTube channel.

KonMari Closet Arrangment
KonMari Closet Arrangment

4. Arrange by color: dark to light.  No more trying to find your favorite pieces of clothing in a hurry! Color coordinating your clothes will make everything visible and easier to grab when you’re in a rush. It also creates a positive visual as our eye moves up to lighter items.

KonMari One Oak Closet
KonMari One Oak Closet

5. Left to right. Hanging items should be arranged with heavier items on the left and lightweight items on the right - longer items on the left, shorter items on the right. This presents a subtle visual cue of a positive curve going to the right and upward! Hanging items can also be arranged by sleeve length – long sleeve items on the left, then ¾, then short, then sleeveless. Clothing should face the same direction.  

KonMari Power Spot
KonMari Power Spot

6. Create a “personal power spot.” Whether it’s a sentimental postcard from a friend, a family photo, your three favorite books, or a combination of all of the above, create a little area in your closet that purely sparks joy! 

KonMari Motivation Station
KonMari Motivation Station

7. Create a “motivation station.”  Additionally, if there is extra shelf space, create an inspirational spot to motivate and start your day – or a place to reset and unwind at the end of the day. Put these inspirational items in a central focal point in the room! Suggestions could be a crystal, a journal for reflecting on the day, your favorite essential oils, etc.

KonMari Purse Station
KonMari Bag Station

8. Create a “bag station.” Give your purse a rest after it serves you so well every day. Have a place to empty your items, recharge your phone, store your wallet, etc. Start your day knowing exactly what is in your bag!

If you would like to get inspired by the beautiful KonMari inspired closet that Tricia staged and curated, please visit One Oak in Encinitas to tour the Residence 5 model and see the master closet in person!

KonMari consultants are available to those who need guidance on their KonMari tidying. You can book Tricia on her website at To see more inspiration, follow Tricia at @sparkjoy_california or @heywoodpark_collective on Instagram.

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