There are few experiences quite as exciting as moving into a new house. Endless options for designing your home mean you can make this new dwelling place your own. Walls are waiting to be adorned, couches are ready to be made cozy and empty rooms provide infinite potential. But if we’re being totally honest, while the process of sprucing up your new space can certainly be fun, it’s also–without a doubt–a little overwhelming, too. Between your ever-growing decorating to-do list and your ever-dwindling budget, turning your new house into the home of your dreams without overspending can feel like a tricky balancing act. 
So instead of thinking about the big-picture design you’re ultimately looking to achieve in your new home, take it step-by-step by focusing on the small-scale decorative details that can actually have a huge impact in your space.  You’d be surprised how a few affordable accents and eye-catching features can instantly make a house full of blank spaces feel like a charming and welcoming home. For some budget-friendly interior design inspiration, take a look at this list of decorating details that make a difference in the look and feel of your new house. 

Inspire at Recker Pointe | Gilbert, AZ

Candles: The Dual-Purpose Decor for Aesthetics and Ambiance
The smell of your home is just as significant as the visual design of your space and, ideally, you want your new house to appeal to every sense. This is why candles are the do-it-all decor you’ll definitely want to include throughout your home. A few modern, minimalist home candles can quickly dress up an otherwise bare-looking coffee table or nightstand, while also transforming the ambiance of the room through fragrance.
In the same way you pick out decor that matches the unique and personal vision you have for your new home, you can choose specific scents that set the mood you’re hoping to achieve not only in your overall space, but in each individual room, as well. For the kitchen, you might opt for a bright, clean fragrance that keeps this home hub smelling fresh. While for the bedroom, you might select refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy candles that provide the perfect atmosphere to unwind. By strategically placing scents in the form of aesthetically-pleasing (and clean burning) candles around your house, you can add a homey, affordable touch to every room that creates an enjoyable sensory experience for you and your guests, too.

Trilogy at Tehaleh | Bonney Lake, WA

Lamps: Perfect for Inexpensively Illuminating Your New Place
Speaking of setting the mood, is there anything more bleak than a poorly-lit room? Light adds warmth and life to a space, making it essential for more than just a great photo-op. And when you’re decorating a new home, lighting can also be a relatively inexpensive way to alter the aura of an entire room. Lamps, especially, are affordable lighting fixtures that are also easy to move around as you experiment to find the best spot for a light source in the space.
Include lamps throughout your home, making sure to place them in areas where you may need a little extra light, such as desks in an office space or side tables next to the couch where you might cozy up with a good book now and then. Lamps also come in a variety of bases and shades that make it easy to find one that pairs well with your overall design concept.

Sienna | Missouri City, TX

Throw Blankets: A Warm Welcome for Guests to Get Comfy 
When you’re decorating a new house, you’ll want your decor to not only fit your personal design tastes, but simultaneously be able to shape your space into a welcoming home that you, your family and your friends can comfortably settle into. A brand-new place can feel stark at first, but it only takes a couple of low-cost, cozy details to make it feel like home–and your couch is a great place to start.
Focus on making your family or living room a comfortable place to spend time and entertain in by laying a snuggly throw blanket over your sofa. A throw that ties into your existing color scheme works as a decorative piece while instantly warming up the space, inviting guests to get cozy and stay awhile. Toss some matching pillows onto the couch, as well, and you have a cohesively designed sitting area that’s as cozy as it is chic.

Ashford at Mountain House | Mountain House, CA

Plants: An Affordable Way to Liven Up Your Home
A little greenery can introduce a healthy dose of life and energy into your new space. And becoming a proud plant parent doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Place a few inexpensive indoor plants like succulents, ferns and ficus around your home for some leafy and lively decor. Or start growing your very own herb garden in the kitchen for greenery that doubles as a homegrown ingredient.
Not feeling totally confident in your green thumb? No worries– just opt for faux flora instead. Fake plants will provide the same colorful and lively decorative touch as their living, breathing counterparts.

Grayson Plan | Shea Homes North Carolina

Pictures and Prints: A Classic Way to Frame Your Home Decor
The empty walls in your new home definitely need some personality, and photographs and decorative prints are a simple and easy fix. You can print your photos at little to no cost, fit them into inexpensive frames and instantly make a room feel homey and uniquely personalized with your own snapshots and memories.
If you’re looking for more artistic wall decor, you can search through plenty of affordable decorative prints online to find pieces that complement your design concept. Hang your new art, illustrations or photographs in each room to turn barren walls into canvases that showcase your individual style and stories.

Money-Saving Decor: It’s All in the Details
While decorating a new space from scratch can certainly be overwhelming, it’s also a fun opportunity to work with a clean slate and design a house you’ll love living in.  With these affordable and impactful decorating details, you can create a beautifully designed interior with an inviting ambiance that will have you looking forward to the future in your new home sweet home.

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